Fertilizing houseplants

are going to feed house plants need ever remember one inviolable rule: Better underfeeding than overfeeding.The fact that excess nutrients gives uniform growth of plants and may even lead to illness and death.

How to choose a fertilizer for house plants, we have been told.But many fans are trying to feed the flowers potted plants home and folk remedies, although often such "feedings" is more harm than good.What it is not necessary to feed house plants?

Coffee grounds and tea leaves asleep are not fertilizers, except that loosen the soil.And it even coffee grounds and acidified, it is not always and not for everyone is helpful.

Some amateurs houseplants believe extremely useful eggshells.She was buried in the soil, pushing her water for irrigation and thus firmly believe that the plants produce a rich fertilizer.In fact, this is not the case.

in shell eggs rich in calcium, which is almost inaccessible to plants, and in the best case, it will play only the role of drainage and baking powder.And, keep

in mind that most types of indoor plants do not tolerate calcium.This is especially true representatives of the Gesneriaceae (violets, gloxinia, Streptocarpus, etc.), Azaleas, gardenias.Excess calcium in the soil leads to diseases, particularly to chlorosis.That is why many indoor plants is not recommended to pour hard tap water.

used for watering flowers and water remaining after washing raw meat and milk, but the value of such feeding is low.During the warmer months of its protein components will quickly decompose in the soil than the water is assimilated by the roots, and decomposition takes place with the release of the corresponding flavor ,.Thus, as soon as possible to attract the flies to lay their eggs on the smallest pieces of meat fibers, and this is not the effect, which is expected to growers.

Be careful with fertilizing houseplants and take note of some helpful tips:

• before watering plant fertilizer solution, be sure to throw soil clean water to full saturation

• plants are transplanted into fresh soil is not fertilized at leasttwo months

• ill and weakened plants can be fed only very weak fertilizer solution, and it is better not to fertilize, because their roots are unable to absorb fertilizer and can suffer

• fertilization is made only during the growing season (spring-summer) And in the rest period feeding should be deleted altogether.

correct, balanced fertilization help maintain a healthy beautiful look to your house plants and extend their lives.