Croton ( codiaeum variegatum ) .Care and breeding Croton

codiaeum mottled, or it is also called croton, was always very rare, very expensive and prestigious house plant.This you know, when you see a beautiful tree bush, dressed in a luxurious dress from fancy leaves.Crown top, light in tone and full of bright gold veins as if lit from within.The lower and more mature croton leaves, so they are darker, until the noble Bordeaux, and also if painted gold.

Among the varieties of croton (codiaeum variegatum) has a shape with shirokolopastnymi leaves, is - with forked and tape-shaped, some leaves are cut brightly colored veins.

At Croton has a feature - at a young age on its leaves is dominated by various shades of yellow and green tones, with age appear pink and red spots and stripes.

croton Propagated by stem cuttings, which root in the water.Rooting occurs for a long time - 1.5-2 months.Cuttings should be at a temperature not lower than the C + 23-25 ​​°.Utensils for rooting should be opaque.It is advisable to cover the cuttings package to increase humidity.

often said that for Croton care is complex, and the plant itself is very capricious, but that can be said about other pets flowers, too, because each flower needs good care and attention.What do you want to Crotone that it pleased us with its splendor?To ensure Croton growth, it needs to be repotted every year in a new fertile soil and systematically fed into the period of active growth.

Useful tips on caring for Croton

greatest beauty croton reaches only in good light - but with a lack of light leaves lose color intensity.In the summer of better pritenyat croton from the sun during the hottest hours, and the most perfect place for this house plant - east or west window.

substrate should neither dry nor pereuvlazhnyat.Croton summer it takes a lot of water, you should reduce watering in winter: the soil should dry out between waterings.Excess water at any time of the year, lead to various diseases.

poorly tolerated croton and dry earthen coma, and the plant may lose almost all the leaves.Do not tolerate watering with cold water and drafts.Watering croton need warm water defended.The temperature of the content should be even throughout the year, but not below 16 ° C.In sharp temperature fluctuations, drafts croton leaves resets.

If the lower leaves of croton fall to slow down this process, begin to spray the plant - Croton likes moist air.So Croton should be regularly sprayed and cleaned with leaves.

Young plants are transplanted each year in March and April, the old - in 1-2 years.For transplants taking earthen mixture of 2 parts ground sheet, 1 part of the turf, 1 part river sand and pieces of charcoal.

most commonly affected croton scale insects (the leaves lose their color, dry and fall off).Dry indoor air contributes to the defeat of the red spider mites (on the surface of damaged leaves form a solid whitish spots, leaves fall prematurely).