Dieffenbachia .Care and breeding dieffenbachia

dieffenbachia can often be found in our apartments.Indeed, a beautiful plant with large white with green decorative foliage, is a real decoration of the interior, besides, dieffenbachia growing rapidly.

dieffenbachia Hailing from vechnovlazhnyh American jungle, so the content dieffenbachia in the house is not too easy, as the plant demanded to temperature and humidity.

Useful tips for Dieffenbach

care if you decide to grow dieffenbachia, first find a place for this house plant.It is important to know the main thing: the plant must be in the shade, in any case, do not expose to direct sunlight.In winter the temperature should not fall below 18 ° C, and still need to ensure that the substrate has never been cooler air.In addition, dieffenbachia - only domestic plant stand on the street or on the balcony it is impossible even in the summer - it must be all year round in the room.

Watering dieffenbachia should be warm, soft water, spray more often.The soil should be kept constantly moist, but in wint

er you can not tolerate excessive watering.

Fertilize dieffenbachia should be weekly, fertilizer for flowers, containing little lime.Suitable for dieffenbachia fertilizers and hydroponic feeding: if you do not have an integrated fertilizer mild, take half this dose.

multiply dieffenbachia simple: apical or stem cuttings (stem segments) are planted in the wet substrate horizontally, kidneys up.Roots appear only at the ground not less than 25 "C. Good dieffenbachia adopted under the film hood, so it is best for germination use teplichku for seedlings.

If dieffenbachia resets the lower leaves, then its spring can be cut to the width of the palm of the land. Then the topshoots with several leaves in the warmth will give the roots. as soon as the typical Araceae flowers, they need to break off, as the flowering slows the growth of leaves.

Dieffenbach transplanted as often as possible, and especially well it manages in hydroponic culture.

But decidingdissolve dieffenbachia at home, you must remember that juice all kinds Dieffenbach toxic , and getting into the sores on mucous, eyes - is unacceptable If your family has a small child or pets, consider the possible consequences!and limit possible access to the flower.