Petunia for the garden and balcony

This flower was a gift from the nature of a variety of flowers, unique aroma, long and abundant flowering.Petunia unpretentious to the growing conditions.She will decorate their bright flowers and room and balcony, and beds, and pot, and will look great in a hanging basket.Therefore petunias - beautiful flowers for the garden and for balcony.

differ terry petunias, long shoots, which can be erect, creeping, and hang-downing (hanging), flower size (and large-melkotsvetkovye), their form (fringed, wavy).Petunia flowers are very different colors: white, yellow, pink, red, blue and purple.They can be decorated with stripes and then remind the star, or a contrasting border.

Petunia - perennial plant grown as an annual in us.You can, of course, early in the spring to sow the seeds in the ground, but then have to wait quite a long time flowering.Petunia best grown through seedlings.Seeds are sown in late February - early March.Petunia seeds are very small, so they are rarely sow, to avoid pulling seedlings.T

he seeds of petunias sow surface, not prisypaya ground.Seeds germinate in the light.Similarly, sowing seeds and granular, which began to produce today.

After planting they should be sprayed with water to dissolve the granules.Crops closed film or glass and put in a warm place.Typically, petunia seeds germinated within 10 days.Then the film is removed, accustoming shoots to fresh air.

If the seedlings begin to stretch, it means that it is not enough light, and they must be dosvechivat.When two true leaves petunia dive into individual cups, so they develop better.

In open ground the seedlings can be planted petunias in May.If you sow the seeds later, the seedlings will not have dosvechivat, but flowering will come a little later.Petunia blossoms after 70-90 days after sowing.

Simple varieties of petunias can provide self-seeding.Terry hybrid seeds are not tied.

To petunia bloomed profusely, we can recommend a weekly Petunia fed a solution of mineral fertilizers, as well as to carry out foliar feeding with the same fertilizer but in half dose lower than specified for the root fertilizing.

Planting petunias in pots and hanging baskets it is necessary to consider that for normal plant growth and abundant bloom, they need nutritious soil and weekly feeding.

Petunia hybrid - a perennial, grown in our gardens as an annual.You can dig in late summer shrub, which are especially liked, and try to keep him at home until the spring.Wintering should take place in a cool room with limited watering.

In February, watering should be increased, it is necessary to start to spend fertilizing plants.And then into cuttings and root cuttings.Thus, propagated and surfiniyu.

Plant petunias in her garden.The beauty of the flowers, their fragrance, ease of cultivation will amaze you, and you will love these flowers.