you familiar with lobelia?We would like to grow this miracle flowers in the garden or on the balcony?If you are not familiar, then you urgently need to get to know!Lobelia amazing flower, believe in the word!It may be different colors - white, pink, red, blue, purple, can be bush and hang-downing.Lobelia looks great on a bed, but in containers, balcony boxes, in hanging baskets and pots (used hang-downing) it is simply irresistible!

This delicate flower fond of painstaking, patient and persistent, and most importantly - to grow seedlings.This is where you can wait for difficulty, but if you follow certain rules, blooming lobelia you certainly will appreciate.

For growing seedlings, you will need: trays or shapes out of eggs, flat boxes, fertile soil, plastic film or glass, seeds, watering can with a strainer.Soil for sowing seeds do not need much.

lobelia seeds are very small.Sow them superficially, not prisypaya ground.It can be on top of the soil to pour a thin layer of snow on it and sow seeds.Thi

s avoids gelled sowing.Some gardeners for planting small seeds used a toothpick: if moisten the tip with water, and then lower it consistently and seeds on the ground, it is possible to achieve a uniform, small groups, sowing seeds.

After sowing tray with seeds covered with glass or polythene.Crops need to be aired, so there was no mold, and the resulting condensate drops his weight is not deepened into the ground seeds.

At a temperature of 18 degrees shoots appear after 1-2 weeks.

Watering seedlings should be careful not to wash them.It is better to do it through a conventional pallet or a syringe with a needle.Try to keep the topsoil remains dry, then the disease, "blackleg" do not crash your seedlings.

After the appearance of the first true leaves of the seedlings dive, that is seated on individual plant pots.Shoots lobelia safely dive is not one, and beams, a few pieces.Further cultivation of seedlings must take place in a bright place at a temperature of 12-15 degrees.

lobelia planted as a sunny place, and in partial shade, when the probability of return of frost has passed.Moderately fertile soil and provide a tight fit luxuriant bloom.If garden soil contains a lot of organic fertilizers, the greenery is more than flowers.

For planting ampelnye lobelia in balcony boxes and containers, use garden soil, which is sold in packages.The soil in the container must be kept to maintain moist.After three weeks, pinch the stems for better branching.Plants are fed weekly fertilizer solution, the concentration is two times less than indicated on the package.

important condition is a lush basket crop of shoots by one third after the first flowering.In this case, the plants grow new shoots, begins a new wave of flowering, which lasts until frost.

autumn favorite bush Lobelia can dig and plant in a pot.It is to late autumn, will delight you with their blooms.If the bush to save until spring, then into cuttings of it, you get a lot of seedlings beloved plants without problems with crops.

Among the most interesting varieties of this crop following:

- CRYSTAL PALACE , dark blue abundant flowers

- Kaiser Wilhelm (some companies sell them under the name Emperor villa), with a bright blue large flowers

- SAPPHIRE , bright blue with a large white eye

- Mirinda , flowers are dark pink with large white eye.

- For planting in baskets and pots suitable variety change CASCADE , the flowers are white, pink, purple and blue.