Invite the garden snowdrops

How long stretches our winter!We are tired of the cold and snow, white silence around.I would like spring, colors, greenery and flowers.With the onset of heat and melting snow begin to live in anticipation of the first flowers.All the flowers that appear from under the snow, when the earth is only a little otogreet, called snowdrops.

This snowdrop - Galanthus - a symbol of spring, there is a garden in March, in the thawed.There are 18 species of Galanthus.Galanthus bulbs are planted in the ground in September and transplanted immediately after flowering, while the leaves are still green.The bulbs can not stand a long drying.Galanthus undemanding to soil, but it is better developed and flourishes in the fertile soil in the shadow of the branches of trees and shrubs.

In April blooms like Galanthus snowflake spring.Snowflake grows up to 20 cm tall, some varieties up to 40 cm, the flowers in his white, bell-shaped, with yellow spots on the tips of the corolla.Snowflake prefers a light partial shade, moist

fertile soil.

blossoms in April brandushka spring.Flowers brandushki located almost on the ground, so it is planted among the low plant the most conspicuous place.The leaves appear just after flowering.Brandushku feature in open areas, in full sun.Brandushka propagated slowly over the next season with the parent forms an onion twice smaller.

very early, sometimes right out of the snow bloom hionodoksa.Very elegant, a short bulbous plant.The leaves appear at the same time with the spike, 8-12 cm tall, flowers are bell-shaped, up to 4 cm in diameter, are collected in racemose inflorescence of blue, blue, pink or white.Grow well, and the sun and in partial shade, but the best place for them - the alpine garden or rockeries.It is better to grow and flourish in the fertile soil.

In April - May, and muscari bloom Pushkin and flowering Proleski can capture and June.Proleski hardy and frost-resistant, perfectly suited for our climate.

have Proleski bell-flowers are blue, pink and white depending on the variety.Blossoms it later than others - in May and June.Proleski look good among bushes, trees and herbaceous perennials.

Nearby you can put Pushkin proleskovidnuyu.She, too, is unpretentious and freezeproof.Proleski well grow and multiply on fertile well-permeable soil.Pushkin reproduce slowly grow slightly, affected by the aggression of weeds.

In early May blooms bluebell (Scilla), bulbous plant with bell-shaped flowers.The colors can vary from light blue to dark purple.Unpretentious, propagated bulbs, baby seeds.Expanding, it forms the whole blooming fields.

irreplaceable in the spring garden muscari, or hyacinth mouse.There are about 60 species of Muscari, 20 of the bottom grow on the territory of the former USSR.It is used not only for growing in flower beds, but also for bouquets.It is best Muscari growing in a sunny spot.By not demanding soils, but does not like waterlogged, but very responsive to organic fertilizers.

planting rules melkolukovichnyh plants are about the same: the bulbs are planted at a depth of three heights of the bulbs, but not less than 5 cm Planting is best in groups rather than one by one..The easiest way: clean up the ground to the desired area and depth, evenly sprinkle the bulbs and cover them over the ground.