wake Primroses spring or spring - primroses, just do not say!But how nice to see nature awakening from sleep.At the heart becomes joyful, and a bunch of primroses on the table makes the smile in the morning.

Narcissus - a perennial herbaceous plant of the family Amaryllidaceae.The word "daffodil" in Greek means "to befuddle, stunning."

Currently, there are about 20 species and more than 10 thousand varieties and hybrids of narcissus poetic (the specific name obtained through the ancient legend of the beautiful narcissistic young man, whom the gods have turned into a flower).In this sea of ​​varieties distinguished 11 groups in the form of flowers and their number per stem.There are double daffodils.The color of flowers is very diverse: there are single color variety - white, pink, yellow, there are two- and three-colored, with a tube, different from the color of the corolla.

Narcissus - fairly undemanding plant, growing well in full sun, on any soil, rich in organic matter, especially clay.It does

not tolerate excess moisture.

Propagated daffodil bulbs that are planted in the middle lane in the ground in the second half of September at a depth of 8 to 25 cm, depending on the size of the bulb (the larger, the deeper), at a distance of 10-25 cm in the row.At one point daffodil can grow without digging 2-3 years, so that they thus grew well and flowered, it is necessary to make in the summer after the yellowing leaves of phosphorus-potassium fertilizer at the rate of 30-40 g per 1 sq.m.In winter, the bulbs after the first frost is desirable to mulch with peat, straw or sawdust.

To protect the bulbs from rodents, they can be put in plastic lattice basket.

In July daffodils leaves dry out completely.This is the best time for digging up the bulbs.Dug out the bulbs are dried for several days in a shady place, then purified from the roots and dried leaves.

planted daffodils on rabatkah in mixborders, along the tracks, you can put them under fruit trees, on a background of low conifers and ornamental shrubs .. Well look daffodils in combination with ferns.

Specially trained narcissus bulbs used for winter forcing.

Tulips - bulbous herbaceous perennials lily family.Wild species of tulips growing in the steppe, semi-desert and mountain regions of Central Asia and the Near.There are about 150 species of roses, many of which grow only in our country.Almost all of them are listed as endangered.

ground part of the tulip grows and develops over a short period of spring.The height of the stem may vary from 10 to 80 cm, leaves large, few.tulip flowers have different shapes - goblet, cupped, lily, may be fringed.There terry varieties.The color of flowers - white to dark red, almost black.Blue roses do not exist.

Tulips grow well in water capacity and air-permeable sandy and loamy soils.A place for planting choose a sunny, sheltered from the wind.

Propagation tulip bulbs that are planted in autumn in late September.Planting depth depends on the bulb, but not more than three times its height.With deep planting bulbs shrinking.

In winter planted tulip bulbs mulch with peat or compost, it is better to do it when the soil on top of a little be chilled to a depth of 1-2 cm. In the spring, after the snow melts, the tulips fed complete mineral fertilizer.The second feeding - during budding and third - during flowering.

Dig the bulbs after the leaves turn yellow.To view yellowing leaves did not spoil the view of the flower beds or flower garden, tulips can dig with a lump of earth and prikopat them in a secluded corner of the garden.When the leaves dry up, the bulbs are dug, dried, cleaned of old scales and dismantled in magnitude.Before planting the bulbs are stored in boxes at a temperature of 20 degrees.

You can plant tulip bulbs in plastic baskets, which dig in the ground.Thus protect the bulbs from rodents, and it facilitates the process of digging up the bulbs.

Small bulbs are planted in separate beds for growing to a depth of 5-7 cm. Hatched in the spring buds are plucked, leaving the stalks.

Low-growing varieties of tulips can be used for decoration of balconies, and can be grown in pots and tulips.After special training bulbs can be used for distillation.

Tulips are used for decoration spring flower beds.They are beautiful to rabatkah, large groups on lawns, flower beds in the state.

When cutting the flowers and leaves bulb shallow.In order not to weaken the bulb should be at the vase life of tulips post 2, and preferably 4 sheets for a full bulb.