Ornamental shrubs in your garden

It's great to sit in the shade on a hot summer day, leaning back in his chair and sipping kofeek.Of course, total relaxation is not necessary to wait for the voracious dog climb their snouts, the starving outdoors relatives asking is, hiding the fat weed the flowerbed make out, but it can not prevent lazy contemplation of their possessions.

Each uchastochke desirable, and, perhaps, necessarily, have to carve out a small, cozy, quiet corner for their own pleasure and privacy, though partial.Barbecue - Diocese of men, and tea and coffee table - female, guest area.And of course, it is good that this area was not on the beaten route of the male part of the family, but in general, there was a bit hidden from the eyes, and neighborhood and kinship, another question - where, what, how, why and when you do not give rest.

If you are on the site grows a couple of old chubushnika bushes, the place already, well, if the site is just beginning to take its shape or want to something to remake (normal, constant desi

re of almost any summer resident), then let us remember about the bush andbushes.

course, you can buy a gazebo, or build, or you can create and "recreation green zone" itself.It is best suited for this decorative and flowering shrubs.There are so many things different, you can buy almost any desire can be satisfied.It is necessary to buy himself a book in any bookstore, or surf the internet, and the variety of the assortment of ornamental shrubs will stun you.

has it all!For every taste and budget, among such an abundance of wonder and lost and confused.Here are some basic things that should interest you in choosing the bush in the first place:

1. Hardiness .Of course, if you really want it, and bush shelter for the winter, you can do, but better to know about it right away than sorry next spring, standing innocently ruined Bush.

2. decorative period. There are many gardeners who visited by its garden, and in winter, and the winter and who want to see your beautiful land.

3. Susceptibility to disease and pests .Very

I loved Kalina Buldonezh, but had to leave, could not stand steadily picked up twigs plants from which ever hung various worms.Maybe now, already with a lot of experience, and thus arsenal against pests and diseases, which is almost in any shop, the end of history would have been both, but the words of a song you can not throw.Yes, and to arrange permanent himataku of desire is not the summer months.Although

choice in any case, always for the buyer!

4. Aggressiveness .You also need to see if your aggressor popular among the bushes.Growing I japonica, sitting quietly and calmly, well, sometimes frosted, but after cutting begins to playfully make up for lost.But spirea ryabinolistnaya and tries to get away on a journey throughout the site, constantly having to take the time to return it to its rightful place, and track damage applied forever - roots long before vydernesh all around plowed.

5. Agrotechnics .Also useful to read in advance, it is now specialized publications - a great multitude, and with such enticing illustrations that I want to buy everything at once.

Such desires have to crush in the bud, and steadfastly and quietly pick something, buy, plant and see how he lives, how to grow, you can pick up a companion?Only after such thoughts, maybe buy something else.

Like all good writing, but it is difficult to perform!Once in the shop brain immediately disconnected - only work hands, eyes and voice device, which convinces her husband, or the same dazed from shopping Summer Resident that the bush you vital that about him, you fervently dreamed of my entire adult life, and withoutpossession of, well, and still others 5-10, life just is not nice.

Awareness offense comes when you need to look for landing sites and dig holes.And no holes and a good pit, with fertilizers, special earth mixtures, which prefers the bush.

Giving advice on what to buy shrubs, will not, everyone likes her, everyone has different tastes, which is why all the gardens are unique and inimitable, beautiful and varied, beautiful and charming in its own style.

But one thing is for sure - shrubs in the areas to be!