Rose - the queen of your garden .Growing roses

So you want to grow roses in your garden.The more convenient to store the roses and other roots in Prikope?It is unlikely that the seats are ready for everything bought rastyushki, and even if so, to put it all at once is very difficult, and sometimes time is running out - start to rush, and then often regret it.And so you can take as much time to plant, and the remaining rose just keep waiting for their boarding hours without worrying about them.

Before planting the plants it is necessary to spread their roots and cut out any damaged, bent parts, and be sure to cut one-third of all the branches.You also need to cut off all the blackened parts of shoots, if they exist.Cut to the living, to cover the cut or brilliant green, or paste Rannet.This should be clean and sharp shears, with a good blade that without "zazhevyvaniya" thing to do.Well, if there are a few pruners, for rough work, for everyday and of course - a favorite and highly guarded -. For "jewelry"

Now large selection, you can choose for t

hemselves, beloved, hand and pocket.In many stores you can watch the tool, the seller of the soul is not worth it, not before it, and you can drag something like that with him on what to check the selected action secateurs - this refers to the pruners who want to take on an important job.

Once done sanitary pruning, on the night before planting should be soaked in a solution kornevina, but you can just water.In the morning digging holes under the roses.Of course, it is better if it is done in autumn, when the work is over.

Roses grow well on any well-fertilized soil.Before planting in the loamy soil, it is best to make since the fall during deep digging of 5-6 kg of manure per square meter.The soil should be of medium humidity, in any case do not waterlogged.Roses love deeply processed rich soils, with neutral or slightly alkaline reaction.For planting dig a hole depth of 50-60 cm Do not be lazy, good pit -. A great foundation for your future pet, and the success of its future gorgeous colors.

removed drum earth mixed with humus, compost, ash, well-rotted manure, you can make a bit of superphosphate.And if the soil is heavy, it is necessary to sand and, preferably coarse.If you do not sand lying around, you can buy in the store expanded clay, preferably small, and add it into the pit.Do not dispose of the land out of the pit just next door, and will be hard to mix all the ingredients, and then very sloppy appearance is obtained when buried or pen, or the edge of the flower beds.It is better to enclose the old oilcloth, cellophane, well, that there is - at least from a large cardboard box.

roots should be evenly placed on the hill, made at the bottom of the pit, and carefully fill all the earth.Root collar - a place the plants where the root passes in the stem, - should be at ground level.Seedlings are planted at a distance of 40-60 centimeters.It depends on the height and power of the class, and the tasks you set for ourselves.After planting - mandatory watering and pritenenie bush.

What should I do to live well rose, and she delighted everyone?

1) Irrigation.If for you, do the job rains, it is excellent, and once a week should be plentifully watered every bush, preferably at 1.5-2 buckets each.To keep more moisture in the soil can be carried out mulching, remove weeds.Mulching can be peat, humus mixed with rotted manure, coconut, that is in the economy - and then go.Keep the moisture and covering the ground and prostrate neighbors annuals.

2) Feeding.Need to do about feeding 2 times a month, you can start as early as May.The last feeding should be done carefully so as not to provoke unnecessary roses on set of green mass and tighten the growing season.

Feeding advise all different, someone stands up for mullein someone for a special fertilizer for roses, and someone and he is your own complex fertilizers, alternating all the above written.

3) Crop.Pruning roses is 2 types: Annual shaping and rejuvenating.No annual pruning hybrid tea roses will be no other than their growth and development, nor abundant flowering.The purpose of pruning - cause the development of the lower buds, which will give the flowering shoots.

Roses moderate growth, or dwarf varieties of Hybrid Tea and remontant roses require short pruning, the pruning has more than half of the shoot.As a result, this procedure on strong shoots are left two or three buds, weak shoots removed altogether.Pruning is carried out too early in the spring, and only when established warm weather.

Spring pruning roses is important, it is necessary to examine every bush, straighten it after the shelter, cut all blackened, handle sections, can be brilliant green, garden pitch.

Rejuvenation pruning is carried out on the old bushes to remove the old, thick, lignified and giving a few strong branches and shoots to stimulate the formation of new ones.

summer, after flowering it is necessary to bring the rose bushes again in order - to cut ottsvevshie, withered blossoms, cut thickening bush branches.

4) Protecting roses from pests and diseases.In the spring pruning immediately clear which plants affected by fungi or mold.It is possible to carry out the processing of ferrous sulfate once.

Unfortunately, roses can be damaged and even mildew, and rust, they can settle leafhopper aphid or mite.

But you never know who wants to hurt our flower?But this is too long a conversation as important winter shelter, it is necessary to speak separately.I think the moment we still have.

Good luck in all your endeavors summer!