How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

Today choose a vacuum cleaner is not easy: engine power, the type of filter, the number of degrees of cleaning, assembly, warranty - this is an incomplete list of important features that need to pay attention to when buying.

There are two fundamentally different kinds of vacuum cleaners - standard (conventional) and cleaning.The difference between these types of vacuum cleaners is the surface technology: if the conventional model sucks dust by air pressure, the washing vacuum cleaner before it has time to be sprayed onto the surface of a special composition (lather).

The quality and efficiency of cleaning cleaning vacuum cleaner is definitely better, because, thanks to the use of cleaning agents and water, it collects in 5-10 times more dust and microscopic particles, and wet cleaning is much better quality cleans rugs and carpets, which is reflected in the significantlytheir appearance.Another plus washing vacuum cleaners - sealed plastic dust bag, because the main task of vacuum cleaner, not only to

collect dust, but also to keep it in yourself.But

and washing vacuum cleaners has its disadvantages.For example, after each use, the device must be disassembled, cleaned and dried.And washing vacuum cleaner good firms, rather expensive, in contrast to the usual, but his size is much larger.

Although power vacuum - its main qualitative characteristics, experts advise to give preference to a vacuum cleaner with not very big capacity - about 1500-1700 watts, because the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner is not so much in the ability to collect dust, but in the ability to keep it.

vacuum cleaner bags are disposable or reusable.Usually advised to choose a vacuum cleaner with disposable paper filters.for the purchase of these bags costs are not too onerous, but a disposable paper dust bag is capable of holding a microparticle size of 1-4 microns, while the cloth - only 100-250 microns.

have vacuum cleaners and now there are additional features.If you want to buy the most advanced model, check with the seller:

• installed in the vacuum cleaner if the fine filter: in some models of the dust before entering the dust collector passes through an additional membrane that holds mikrochastichki 0.3 micron

• Is equipped with electrostatic cleanerfilter - this filter is able to absorb up to 99.97% solids and microorganisms

• Is there a charcoal filter: if you skip collected air through it, the filter will keep all unpleasant odors

• Do flavoring function is: some vacuum cleaners are capable of parallel withmain responsibilities act as an air freshener

• Is there a water filter: it is not just better hold dust, but also very much freshens the air in the room.