Secrets Excellence .How to make a textile doll

Recently, we introduce you to a remarkable artist from Saint-Petersburg Galina Grichanovoy (The article "Secrets of her skill").Today Galina Grichanova tells how to make a doll.

Those who want to make itself a textile author doll (three-dimensional or bas-relief) with ornaments made of plastic and accessories, can tell you how I do it:

• For bas dolls often, after working a sketch readyI pick up the box and doing background for future work.To do this, I put cardboard, covered with a fairly thick layer of padding polyester, closed on top of cloth, which will be the background.

• On this background I put parts made of plastic or other materials, decoration of the hardware to see how it will look on the whole composition.Only then did I start to do the very doll.

• Basis of dolls made of conventional cardboard.On top of the cardboard layer of foam is applied.If the foam is too thick, then it must be trimmed, round - in short, to fit under the format of the future dolls.So we get her footing.

• To doll was smooth and delicate, it is necessary to cover the top layer of foam padding polyester larger, which is then bent under the cardboard.

• Above all delayed thin jersey (can be, for example, use tights or something like that).

• Spout dolls sewn separately and sewn with small stitches.

• mouth and sewn on.It is made from the red jersey.

second option - it is embroidered on the face of the doll.

• Eyes glued together from separate parts.As a material, you can use a jar of mayonnaise, colorful oilcloth, buttons (in this case the desired shape is given to the eye of needle files)) ...

And you can just paint the eyes on the fabric with acrylic paints, such as the "Mermaid".

I sheathed their beads, becauseI thought it most appropriate way of the sea maidens.In general, each time you can come up with something new.Creative imagination!

• Hair doll most often sewn with threads resulting from the dissolution of the jersey or wool.

But there may be a variety of options.For example, the same mermaids I wove the hair in the art of macrame, in the process of weaving to the beads.

And "Anna Akhmatova" I made smooth hair black jersey, embroidered on top loopy seam individual strands.I do not know how it happened, but I like it.

• Look at what happened.If the doll should be more fun, you can make her dimpled chin, a smile lifting the corners of her mouth.All of this, and in general the presence of individual features on the face of the foundations created by needling with thin thread.Thread should be on hand and a lot of different colors: corporal, red, black.

• If you make a portrait of a lady, the foundation puts the body under the two dense ball of syntepon.Guess what places :-)).Each ball must first make a separate thread and sew up, so as not to unravel.After the foundation of the body with inserted balls obtyanete synthetic padding and jersey, it will be clear where you need to quilt that took breasts seductive form.

• If necessary doll pen, which is something to keep the cam, it is possible to knit a piece obtyanut syntepon to get soft ball and quilt plachiki.It turns the cam.

• If you need a more artistic pen fuss with them anymore.It is necessary to twist the base of the handle and the wire in several layers sheathing her jersey.The top layer should have a body color.In such hands, one side is obtained from the seams, you can show only the clean side.Therefore, decide in advance whether you want to show your hand or the back side, and sew accordingly.

• With regard to the bas-relief of dolls, the more it all, including parts, sewn to the base.

• Since classical volume doll wrong.It is necessary to put or plant.Sometimes suitable Simple stand for this, as is done at the "Lady with an Ermine."Elements stools - Turned balusters.Stool bolted to the stand lady to the stool, and ermine (actually, as everyone knows, it's a ferret) is sewn to the lady.

• Sometimes, instead of the stand can not use an element scene composition.For example, my mermaid sitting on rocks.stone base is inverted plastic bowl (or flower pots).First, I do a lot of holes in it.Top obkladyvayut pieces of thick foam rubber for asymmetry.Then I wrap a thin foam, creating a single surface, and skin-tight fabric collected on a thick thread to the inside of the bowl was available.Then, through a previously made hole tightly I sew doll for different parts of the body strong thread.Very sorry for stabbing her in the ass and in the knee - but nothing to do!Finally, I sew the bottom of a bowl, for example, upholstered in fabric board, and decorate the outside of the stone.

• But there are more interesting options.For example, you can make the wicker garden furniture, as in "Portrait of Anna Akhmatova".The carcass of the old wire served as a lampshade that I went too peremyala and to give it the desired shape.On top of it, I braided linen rope, covered with white glue, and the seat and backrest made of foam rubber, covered with a cloth.It turned out very nice chair in art nouveau style, which in itself is already a stand for dolls.

• If you need parts from plastic, I advance (before firing) make holes in them, both buttons (the so-sewn, such as puppet head on "Portrait Soltitskoy").

• In general, with regard to the items, you can use a variety of tricks.

example, shells, as "Portrait of Klimov 'feathers, cones - anything.But starfish on "Mermaid" I wove in the art makrakame of the iris.Then I toned them, covered with white glue and now everyone is asking where I took such stars.

• All of this technology.And the main is still a fantasy and insight into the nature of the object, creating a whole image.Dolls - a genre of art and puppet master - primarily artist!

• Nevertheless, a general council.In textile technology difficult to achieve the portrait likeness.It is rather a question of the cartoon.And to achieve sharzhevogo similarities enough to cling to the 2 - 3 characteristic facial features and / or clothing.For example, it's fair hair, a beard and blue eyes on "Portrait Baskaev", curly hair and beard on the "Portrait of Jacobson's" glasses and dimples on "Portrait Soltitskoy» ...


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