Master class on bas-relief textile doll .Doll - picture

Lesson leads Galina Grichanova.

bas-relief More recently, the doll was not too common.The concept of "doll" is traditionally associated with either a toy or a theater or vulgar acts, and here it is, of course, the full amount is required.

situation changed when our lives became the concept of "interior doll" doll and have been actively used for the decoration of residential and public buildings, even.The fact that classical bas doll before there is quite a considerable advantage: it is banal takes up less space - and imagine what this means for the owner of a small cafe or shop, valuing each square centimeter of retail space.And indeed, the classic doll requires special accommodation, for it should be a special place (shelf niche).She lost in the neighborhood with other things.

Bas-relief is a doll in the frame easily finds its place in the existing, even the busiest interior.And next to the paintings or photographs, it is not lost, not dissonant with the environment.

Another characteristic feature

bas-doll - ease of fabrication.Although, if only because we almost do half the work, because there is no need to make a solid frame and carefully handle the back side.I would recommend for beginners puppeteers primarily to try their hand in the bas-relief technique.

basrelief dolls are made of various materials: plastic, salty dough, ceramics ... But I prefer to textiles.

First of all, you need to choose the artistic style in which we work.I prefer to primitivism.Why?Likely, in the first place, because I love since childhood Pirosmani.Net direct look, a little child contour drawing funny animals ... In this style and made my job "Petersburg morning," a manufacturing process which we met in this lesson.

To work needed: wooden frame, cardboard, foam or padding polyester, thin elastic knitted fabric, fabric for clothing and background, striped jersey (for example, an old sock suitable color), thread, needles, buttons, polystyrene (you can cut a piece iz bucketmayonnaise), dry blush, several amber beads, brushes for cleaning pipes.Selecting the frame is very important, because in many respects dictates composition.

Any work of art starts with a sketch.This is no exception.Sketch is a life-size, in order to shape the details and made to stay in the amounts and proportions.Conveniently cut around the outline of the frame on paper and sketching directly in its outlines.


Cut the cardboard outline of the future head.Then impose on the contour foam thickness of 4 - 5 cm. This thickness is necessary because after tightening sewing eye, etc.the volume of the head will be much less.

on foam impose tight thin padding polyester with an allowance of 2 - 3 cm. Then cut out the same oversize jersey, going in a circle on a strong thread, put on all Layer 3 and tightened under the cardboard from the wrong side.It turns out a kind of egg.

spout forming separately from syntepon lump covered with knit and sew small stitches to the face.In this case, nose "potatoes".Not so little we have such noses.No one, they do not spoil, but we can not decree Hollywood.If a plan is needed proud Roman nose, the under laid sintepon frame of cardboard.

mouth embroider embroidery.You can also make the mouth of a single piece of red or pink knitted or draw.

Now you need to quilt the workpiece in the corners of the mouth and in the middle the future of their sockets.In addition, the stitching can give a person the individual features, for example, to make dimples on the cheeks and chin, adjust the shape of the face, pulling the jersey inside out.That can be achieved by this method if necessary likeness.

Eyelash and eyebrow embroider black thread.We do eyes of buttons, which are superimposed on a substrate made of polystyrene (eye protein).Underlying pre-drill holes for the legs of buttons.Over the eyes sew feet to face (automatically fixing a polystyrene basis), tightening the thread tight from the inside.

actually manufacture the eye options - weight.Buttons can be sawed needle files, giving your eyes the right cut.Made from the edge of the fabric or thread cilia can be glued from the inside so that they will puff up.You can draw all ...

Now a little dry blush.To apply them, every woman knows.

To make your hair, you can dissolve a piece of the nose, from which later will sew cat, pull up the thread in a small skeins and attached to the middle of the head, wrapping skeins billet rear and locking from the inside.To complicate hairstyle at this doll will not - this is not a plan.But there are a variety of options for: braids, knot, bang ...


Good bust is important not only for real women, but also for her puppet image.

The body is made in the same manner as that of the head.On the cardboard outline impose foam 1 cm thick. At the site of the bust is secured with 2 tight sinteponovye ball.

Once the body is sheathed jersey, doing between the balls stitching thread in body color - and a bust becomes textured and seductive.In the bust, as well as on the face, you can apply a little makeup.

to the body puts his head.Sew optional - they reunited during final assembly.

So unassuming looks wrong side.But apart from the author, no one will see it.


basis palms bends of brushes for pipes.Brushes - this is my know-how, which I gladly share.In fact, the brush - very comfortable and soft wire, wrapped with something fuzzy.It is non-slip, like an ordinary wire, sheathed easily, and you can then make any bending of each finger.

impose on the basis of pre-cut to the shape of the palm of a thin foam and jersey.On the reverse side, each finger and palm are sewn with small stitches.

Cat Cat

make of striped socks.Eventually the cat will be recorded on the doll, so he does not have the elastic and the frame - inside the solid sintepon.Only the tail sewn same brush, because the tail is free and it is not known how the cat will want them to twist.

cheeks, chin, eyes closed - balls of the same sock.Similarly, the legs are made.You can play with color.Make a cat in black and white, red, what you want ... But I need the original plan was just striped.

Spout cilia and embroider.Mustache and eyebrows - thick thread, passed through his head before sew it to the body.The ends of the thread are fixed drop PVA glue, so as not to Shaggy.

Sew all the details with small invisible stitches.Cat ready.


Now the young lady should be put.The theme dolls "Petersburg morning," suggests something careless, such as a bathrobe.But what color?Yellow gown beautifully contrasts with the gray-beige cat, and the warm dark green background in harmony with everything else.

This range fits well with amber.So sew lady amber earrings of beads.

Prepare background.According to the internal size of the frame cut out the cardboard oval, loosely fitting close with a cloth, placing a lush layer of padding polyester (you can trim).This paste it in a frame and dried.While

background dries to form the doll gown terry cloth with beautiful edges.The edges are used for finishing coat (collar, cuffs).

hands do not necessarily.Their role is played by a sleeve, which sew palms.After the final fixation of the doll you will be convinced that in the hands, except for the hands, there is no need.

then handles each finger (!), To sew a cat.When the cat firmly "caught", we find it very cozy position (watch your pet) and sew the doll (the torso, head and foot each), and only then fix the total composition on a soft background in frame.

Make it strong When sewing thread for the most inconspicuous places.When the doll "recessed" in soft background, it becomes to him one.At the same time hiding all defects inside out, and the work takes the form of naive ceremonial portrait that in any interior attract the indifferent gaze.

We flip the frame, close all the stitches another oval cardboard, together with the frame we glue paper or cloth, and in the process of completion, screw hook or a loop for hanging.