without tack in the kitchen, you will not do, such as the magnificent tack perfectly decorate your kitchen, especially if they hang next to the polished copper pans.They are made of fabric that can be machine washed and embroidered with simple stitches as motif and border.

Big ginger tabby cat sitting on a colorful rug on the beautiful cream-colored background.In his neck on a ribbon tied bell the cat clever green eyes.The triangular rim made the same colors as the cat, and the whole is decorated potholder wide edging.The second tack stitched boiling kettle.

To use this tack could take hot pans, each of them laid a double layer lining, for this you can use and unnecessary flap woolen blankets.Each tack has a loop so that it can be hung on a hook.

Potholder with cat


- cotton floss - 1 ball of each color,

- Unbleached, pre-washed Calico: a square with sides 30 cm

- Denim tan: square with sides 30 cm

- adhesive gasket: a square with sides 30 cm tissue paper (tracing paper) a

nd pencil

- Embroidery needle number 7

-Portnovskaya carbon paper Small embroidery hoop (optional)

- Dark brown drape: the squarewith a side of 20 cm thick cloth lining: two squares with sides of 20 cm sewing thread color fringing

Copy drawing on calico

Place the pattern on tissue paper (tracing paper) in full size.Place the image in the center of calico and pin pins on three sides.Place a tailor's carbon paper shiny side down between tissue paper and Pin mitkalemb remaining edge.Circle the drawing.

Priutyuzhte drawing with a cat

Glue the adhesive gasket on the underside of a cotton fabric, yellow-brown.Turn the fabric and apply circuit and domestic cat line on the front side of the fabric.Remove the protective layer from the back side of the gasket and proutyuzhte over the marked lines on the calico cat.To protect utyuzhte pattern through the fabric.

Embroidery motif with cat

At this point, you can use the hoop if you have them.Molyneux 3 embroider adding embroidery stripes on the cat.Cat Contour follow stalk stitch floss in 2 additions.Embroider other details simple embroidery pattern and knots, following the scheme and the key for the selection of colors.Make small nodules on the cat nose and larger on the fringe of the rug.

Filling background

Molyneux cream 3 adding background embroider long and short stitches eastern seam.The upper limit of the ornament on a background of embroidered satin stitch.The two central stripes on a rug made long and short stitches eastern seam and rim pad - smooth surface.Fringe rug embroidered knots.The contour of the central parts isolated black stalk seam.Border made embroidery.Follow the diagram and the key is to choose the right types of stitches and colors.

ironing the finished embroidery

The finished embroidery proutyuzhte gently from the inside through a clean towel.Calico Cut to a distance of 1.3 cm from the border embroidery.

Manufacturing tack

Cut two pieces of thick fabric for lining and one piece of the drape of the same size as the calico.Put a thick cloth between calico and drapes, cream together the layers.Carefully chamfer angles.

Performing loops

Cut two pieces of drape 12 x 1.5 cm.Put together, aligning slices and prostrochite on the perimeter.Fold in half and place the loop at the upper edge of the middle of the tack so that the loop was directed inward, baste.

rims edges

Baste oblique Bakey the front of the tack, folded them face, along the outer edge of the embroidered border.Carefully connect the ends.Stitched edging in a car, and at the same time securing the loop.Tuck the loose end over the border sections tack and sew a hidden seam to seam pritachivaniya.Pull the loop and sew.