How to choose the scales

course, the result of any diet, and our efforts to lose weight can be seen in the mirror, or has become too big clothes.But nevertheless it, we'd like to know the exact figures, which crowned our efforts to dropping excess weight.

This will help you scales .The most common of them - the mechanical and electronic.

Mechanical scales most common.The main part of mechanical scales - the measuring spring, which, when the pressure on it, the arrow indicates the weight on the scale.Scoreboard on the mechanical balance is electronic, which is especially convenient - do not have to bend down to see the weight.

Mechanical scales produced many well known companies, are quite affordable, have a lifting capacity of up to 160 kilograms and durable - there's just nothing to break!Perhaps the main drawback of these scales can be called a large error, from 100 grams to 2 kilograms.

Electronic scales have a high accuracy measurement of weight and beautiful design.Now let electronic scales with platforms made

of colored plastic, chrome or brushed steel and safety glass, and the information about the weight shown on the display.

electronic scales Work on batteries or solar batteries.Capacity electronic scales up to 150 kilograms, and the error - from 200 to 500 grams.Perhaps the only negative of these scales can be called a rather high price and the need to change batteries.

But progress does not stand still, and the next generation of the weights can be called "intelligence."Such analytical balances can not only monitor changes in body weight, but also give recommendations on physical activity, measured by the ratio of fat, muscle and water in the body by means of an electric pulse, and by calculating the body mass index.

To do this in memory of analytical balances are introduced characteristics such as gender, height, weight and type of the Constitution.In a specially developed formula, the unit calculates the ratio, the value of which can be found in the instructions.Based on the data, the device may advise you to a certain type of exercise (to build muscle, exercise the heart muscle or fat burning).Some analytical balance model can also calculate the amount of fat and muscle, and even the water content of the body.

Analytical scales are powered by batteries, and the measurement error is about 200 grams.Less analytical balance - the possibility of breakage due to the complexity of the electronic mechanism, the need to replace batteries and a fairly high price.

If you have chosen the type of scale that suits you, do not forget to use them.To help you get exactly the data you need

- install the scales on the straight and rigid surface

- take off outer clothing and shoes

- on electronic scales need to be weighed barefoot

- while weighing stand still, not swaying orshifting from foot to foot.

Rules Care weights.

- avoid any impact to the balance and fall

- scales should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth

- do not let water scales, sand, dust, etc.

-. Keep the scales in horizontal position.