How to buy a blender ?

very first blender appeared about 80 years ago.It was a low-power device that is suited only for cocktails.After 15 years of its improved model appeared on the show Restaurant Equipment in Chicago.Blender appreciated winemakers and have equipped their factories for the production of sparkling wines to mix the fermented juice of grapes harvested in different years.Blender perfectly cope with this task and worked his way into the future.Restaurateurs, too, did not escape his attention and adapted for mixing cocktails.

Subsequently, on the basis of the blender was designed food processor that rapidly overtaken by the popularity of its predecessor and is almost forced to forget about it.But the food processor is designed for the preparation of large batches.It is suitable for a large family, or in the case of receiving guests.And what could he do to those who could not boast a large family or for those who like to cook vegetable soup for one year old child?And here in the blender has another function, he b

ecame an instrument for pureeing.

next generation in home appliances became mixer.In blender and mixer a lot in common, they have a similar attachment, designed to prepare smoothies, puree, whipping cream.But the mixer unlike a blender, can knead dough for pies (there are special nozzles), and the value of his own cup allows you to cook the batter for pancakes on a large family.

In blender power much lower nozzles for tough test had not.But the batter he is able to cook using one of the corolla, though this nozzle is not at all models of blenders, and the number of tests will be more modest.

Modern blenders replace the food processor in a mini-version.They can not only beating and stirring, and pulverize.Of course, using a blender you narezhete cabbage and natret carrots, but chop the onion and garlic for the minced meat and raw potatoes for potato pancakes you very succeed.As for onions, garlic and herbs, there is a blender can not compete any mixer or food processor, they are too cumbersome for this purpose.

Blenders are divided into two main types: manual (or immersion) and stationary.

blenders - it blenders that while the need to keep a hand, they are immersed in a container of food.With their help prepare mashed potatoes, smoothies, sauces, whipped creams.Immersion blender copes with small portions, so it is used for the preparation of baby food, chopping onions, herbs, nuts and garlic.Power Hand blenders range from 350 to 780 watts.The greater capacity of the blender, the more solids it is able to grind and less time is spent.

stationary blenders - consist of high bowl and the control panel.Their main purpose - it is the preparation of cocktails, mashed cooked vegetables, mixing drinks, on thin dough, whipping cream.However, raw vegetables, nuts, and herbs you it does not chop, small pieces simply scatter the walls of the bowl.Some models of stationary blenders is a function of "ice pick" (power should be from 550 W).And their average power does not exceed 300-400 watts.

addition to the above, there is a blender, "Multiple-" or "universal".In fact it is the same immersion blender, but with additional attachments.In contrast to the simple immersion blender, he has an extra bowl larger, which allows him to transform into a stationary blender, a knife for chopping ice and often has some tips speeds.

Although he is called "Multiple-'blender of this kind still does not prepare you a tough test, not narezhet not natret vegetables, will not be able to cook the stuffing, (although a small amount of raw or cooked meat on it to grind can be) and evenno longer squeeze out the juice.Before the food processor it away.This type of blender is convenient because it combined the two basic types: manual and immersion.The presence of containers of different sizes allow you and crush the garlic, and cook the dough sufficient.

Now to blenders produce with lid containers, which does not allow to spread the smell and scatter the walls of the kitchen food particles.And, moreover, began to produce vacuum container in which you can do the harvesting for food, which will be long kept.

Modern blenders can have up to a 6-speed nozzle rotation with the usual and smooth speed control, and the "turbo" - the rotation at maximum speed for a short time.