Double boiler.How to choose a steamer

If you watch your health, you want to eat foods rich in nutrients, our recommendations for choosing steamers just for you!Food cooked in a double boiler, very useful, since couples clog pores and products in them all useful vitamins and minerals.Products weight is practically unchanged.

Also, eat foods that are steamed, not only useful but also delicious.Now it produced many books, where you can find a varied and interesting recipes for the steamer.In modern steamers you can not only cook, but also to heat the food, defrost food and boil baby bottles (with purchase make sure that these functions are present).

Choosing steamer, pay attention to its power (ranging from 600 to 2000 W).Power affects the speed of processing of the product, but it is not the only parameter that affects the cooking time (there is also the amount of baskets, design features, etc.).

Steamer can have one, two or three baskets.Decide how many dishes you will cook at the same time and how many people.Keep in mind that when you u

se all the baskets at the same time, will increase the cooking time.

usually supplied to the basket there are so-called "rice bowl."It has no holes, and it is inserted into the main cart.In a bowl you can prepare any grains and legumes.Just be sure to pour water into a cup, it will heat up due to the rising steam.

baskets can be of various sizes.This is useful when you do not use a double boiler.They can be folded on the principle of "nesting dolls", and they do not take up much space in the closet.But during the operation, you can not place them in any order (that is, you can not swap the basket).

In this case, be sure to consider the preparation of foods that you prepare.The longest cooking time for products should be at the bottom.

There steamer with a few baskets of the same size.Baskets volume ranges from 1.5 to 3.5, and rice bowls - from 0.7 to 2 liters.Normally a basket made of transparent plastic.But you can hardly see the products when they are prepared, because of condensation on the walls of the baskets.But if you disable the steamer and forgot to remove the products from it, then it will give you a certain signal.

To steamer worked, it is necessary to pour so much water that the heater was shut down completely, or at least half.If the water boils away, all, the device will automatically shut down, and you will have to refill the water tank again.To remove the back of the basket, in some models, there is an opening for filling.Through it, you can add water, even if the pressure cooker works.But we should remember that if all the water has boiled away, you still have to remove the trash and empty the drip tray, as by that time it will be full of condensate.

water level indicator helps you determine the amount of water in a double boiler, without removing the steam basket.Before you begin, you'll always know how much water is in a double boiler.However, this indicator is not at all models.

Steamer with several baskets can be any one that is common to all the baskets pallet or multiple pallets under each basket.Having multiple trays impregnation prevents odors, if you cook several dishes at the same time.

If the total pallet, the condensate from the upper-course will fall on the products placed below.Note the pallet height.If lower tray in the cooking process you will have one or more times to drain the accumulated juice there, so he did not get on the heating element.

As a minimum, the pallet should have a height of 1.5 cm, and preferably if 2-2.5 cm. It is desirable to have been handle pallets, particularly if lower trays.Have pens allow you to pour hot condensate without the risk of getting burned.

steamer management can be both mechanical and electronic.When motor operation while the device is set with the timer switch, which you just need to turn on the appropriate number of divisions.It's fast and convenient.

Steamer with electronic control has a keypad and a display for displaying the installed regime.More labor-intensive, but also more functional, because with this kind of control you can program a delay start cooking up to 12 hours or to set the function "keep warm", which will allow you to keep the dish in a preheated state.

Well, the last thing left to do - is to choose the most delicious recipes for the steamer.

Good luck and bon appetit!