How to buy honey ?

Avicenna said that if you will eat honey and milk - be healthy.All types of honey are good, but you can get lost in a variety of grades.By itself, the honey - not a cure, but complement it.The rate of healthy human consumption - 100-150 grams of honey a day.

But honey should be treated with caution and be aware of its features.For example, if you eat honey with warm tea, you will have to fix, but with room temperature water before eating - is weak.

contraindicated in honey is extremely rare.It can be used even in diabetes, but only very little.And even if you are allergic, you can pick up the honey to which it is not.Each type of honey has its own peculiarities.

Buckwheat honey is considered the king of honey.It is used in cerebral hemorrhage, retinal, anemia of the heart muscle.This honey is rich in minerals.

Elite considered honey locust.It is very long candy, although crystallization affects all types of honey.Primarily it crystallized honey, containing a large amount of glucose."Grain" crystalli

zation may be large, and small.Some believe that if the "grain" major, then honey added sugar.This is not quite true.Buckwheat honey, for example, characterized by large crystals, and combined buckwheat with other herbs, such as clover, they will be fine.

Linden honey can be extracted in all regions, so it is more expensive.Linden honey has a strong diaphoretic property for colds, and yet he treats various infections.A clover honey is useful in diseases of the liver.

for suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system fit sweet clover honey.Above all in this honey excellent taste.

Buying honey, be careful and take advantage of our tips to not buy a fake.The taste, color and smell - that's not all indicators that confirm the quality of honey, its naturalness.To buy a real honey, you should know that the liquid honey should not be cloudy, it should "wound" on a spoon, and draining into the jar, form a "hill".If this does not happen, it is likely that honey is unripe and therefore can sour.Crystallized honey must have bundles and inhomogeneities.

Secondly, this honey crystallizes after evacuation from the hive, and the crystallization time depends on the type of flowers from which collected nectar from the temperature at which the honey is stored.On cold honey crystallizes faster.

November usually honey has crystallized, so liquid honey winter - is the product obtained either by feeding the bees with sugar, or heated at a high temperature.If honey is warm, it will be liquid, but the high temperature (above 45-50 degrees Celsius) kills it all nutrients.