Christmas wreaths

Time flies quickly, and just around the corner Christmas - a beautiful holiday that everyone loves.Christmas and New Year's holidays always look forward to, come up with gifts and various decorations for your home.

now back in fashion Christmas wreaths.You can they do themselves.These Christmas wreaths decorate your home or become an original gift.Produce your own hands Christmas simple, quite a bit of patience, accuracy and imagination.

Wrap ring material "oasis" of transparent plastic film, and on top - the tape, leaving part of the open ring.Then obkrutite basis of golden ribbon.Prepare cones, berries and spices with legs 2 cm. Secure them in place the foundations that are not decorated with ribbon, starting from the center.

Using this method, you can make a great Christmas wreaths.Use and other bases, for example, it can be woven from bark-branches.In the manufacture of wreaths can be used round and teardrop-shaped beads that give the composition gloss and small Christmas toys.

wreath of red pepper

basis for this wreath made of willow twigs and sprigs of rosemary and decoration - red pepper, young onions heads, green beans and other vegetables.

way, the vegetables that you use for a wreath, you can still be used for cooking.

Weave braid raffia, roll into a ring and tie the ends of the assembly.

nanizhite fresh pepper pods on a soft metal wire.Secure wire based in multiple locations using raffia.

Make a bouquet of four heads of garlic and red pepper, cut with a sharp knife into slices so as to obtain a flower.Attach a bouquet to the wreath.

wreath with orange

This wreath woven from the peeled branches bark and decorated with raffia, dried orange slices, cinnamon, anise and golden cord.

Preparing orange

Cut the orange peel into segments so that the top and bottom remain connected.Remove the cloves peeled after one and remove as much as possible the pulp of the fruit.

Leave blank for a few days to dry out on the battery, and then a knife with a sharp end, remove the remaining pulp.Try not to cut the connection so as not to spoil the work.

Take a few fresh oranges, make additional decorative elements: Cut round slices, cut slices, remove the ribbons peel

dry harvesting method described above and hang a wreath on a golden thread.


• Clothes hangers made of wire, can be turned into the basis for the wreaths of various shapes.Stretch the wire with his hands and make her the ring, wearing a wire on a bucket or large pot.When you have a bit of experience in this business, you can make a wire Christmas tree, a bird, a bear cub.

• Roll to roll a sheet of newspaper and give it the shape of a ring.Wrap blank foil, which is used in cooking.On this basis it is possible to attach the decorative elements of any material.

• Wrap the bundle of willow twigs, branches of wisteria or vine around a large saucepan, cementing the ends.Remove the workpiece and secure branch ends and remove any excess.Leave the base to dry for a few days.Tie branches in several places with a metal wire.

• Cardboard chips used as a packaging material, soft and it keeps the volume.Combine multiple pieces overlaid one on another.Roll to roll and twisted.Fold in the ring.The ends of the tie with a metal wire.

How to decorate a wreath

• To decorate wreaths can use various items made of cloth.These wreaths replace classic hill of fruits at the table setting.

• You can create multiple versions of wreaths of dried flowers.

• wreath with red berries and yellow daisies welcomes autumn.

• Crown with different shells and pebbles collected at the sea, casts you thought of the endless blue expanse and depths of the sea.

• Wreaths of the paper are performed in the technique of "decoupage" using the colors of foil, tissue and corrugated paper of cakes and sweets.