Decorative pillow "Rose"

fabrics in the interior play a very important role.Curtains, towels, upholstery, tablecloths, and of course, cozy and comfortable cushions - all this creates in the house of comfort and individuality.

pillows in the house - it's not just an element of decoration, they can easily be used for other purposes.In addition, decorative pillows can be a wonderful gift for friends and acquaintances.This gift made with their own hands, will please them necessarily - you just make a pillow original and unusual.

Cushions, which are offered to your attention, called "Rose".Graceful petals of this beautiful flower can be made from strips of thick fabric, velvet, silk.

To work require large patches of dense elastic fabric in four colors: burgundy - for the rose petals, cream - to the core, green - for leaves, blue - for the main background and the back of the pillow.

Prepare the base fabric 30x30 cm Maroon flap in the form of an irregular pentagon put into the center and sew one of the parties creamy flap -. 1st.

Maroon flap (2nd) fold in half and place on the 1st, having folded to the center.Secure the pins side edges.Then, moving clockwise, the next sew cream flap (3 rd), blocking them side edges of the 1st and 2nd flaps and the adjacent side of the pentagon.Maroon flap (4th), folded in half, place and fix on the 3rd.

Cream flap (5th) Stitch to side edges of the 3rd and 4th, as well as to the side of the pentagon.Further work with the 6th maroon flap: apply it on the 5th and secure sections.Next to off flap (7) sewn to the slices of the 5th and 6th of patches and a new side of the pentagon.Finish 1st vi¬tok 9th and 10th flaps.

Keep working clockwise When sewing flaps of the second round, taking into account the following: starting from the second round, cream-colored patches have pritachivat to multiple tissue layers, such as the 11th - both to the side edges of the 9th and 10thflaps to long slices of the 1st and 2nd, and also to the side edges of the 3rd and 4th flaps.

work continues until until you close the entire square bases.Pull up over the middle of each flap burgundy to lift the "petals".

«leaves" made of green fabric.Measure the length of one side, "Rose" and carve out a triangular flap, in which the long side should be 1.5 times greater than that length.Stitch, putting folds, the long side of the triangle to the "rose".The same "sheet" Stitch to the adjacent "petals" of the flower.Obsheyte blue patches available "petals" and sections "leaves", putting them folds.

finished work on a face pillow, carve out part of the same size for the back side.Fold both of the details inside out, Stitch, stepping back from the edge of 1 cm, and leaving one side nezashitoy.Turn the pillowcase on the front side, put in her pillow and sew the hole.

your pillow ready!

idea and description of M. Maximova and M.Kuzminoy.