How to choose an electric kettle ?

modern pace of life compels us to save almost every minute.Almost no one is his morning without an electric kettle.Within seconds, he boils water for tea and coffee.Manufacturers offer a huge selection of different models.We hope that this review will help you to understand them and make the right choice.

Plastic kettles

most inexpensive form of electric kettles.They are the easiest to have a varied design.Plastic electric kettles heat water more slowly than metal.But the water in them and cools more slowly, so you will not get burned if you accidentally touch the kettle body.If you buy tea from a transparent or translucent plastic, you do not need to stare at the water level indicator, the amount of water in the kettle to be seen "from afar."Lack plastic electric kettles is their fragility presentable appearance.They quickly wear out, lose color saturation and visual appeal.

Kettles Stainless steel

Suit for any kitchen design, more durable.The water heats up more quickly than in plastic kettl

es, but also cools faster.The body of the kettle is very hot and can burn about it.


Such kettles inside the bulb casing is made of stainless steel and the body is usually plastic.The water stays hot for a long time.They are the most economical to operate.From the sellers you can often hear the "Thermo" instead of "electric."Suppose you are not afraid of this word.In English tea called «teapot» (T-Pot).But this literary word, in conversation kettle- this "sweat" and Kettle-thermos Thermo translated.

Glass kettles

Such kettles are considered to be environmentally friendly, but have a significant disadvantage - easy enough fight.

volume electric kettles ranges from 1 to 3.2 liters.

heating elements (TANS) are open and closed.Open heating elements represent a curved tube, which is attached to the bottom of the kettle.They quickly heat the water, but they formed a scale, which is quite difficult to remove, so they break down more quickly.

Closed heating elements hidden under the bottom of the kettle, they are not formed scale.They heat water faster than the open.Wash teapot with closed TAN is very convenient as it has a flat bottom.This kettle allows you to boil a little water (½ cup), and it is safer, because the heater is not in contact with water.Power of heaters may be from 0.7 to 3 kW.More power may require special wiring.

Stand .Virtually all modern electric kettles have a stand.This is convenient, since the power cord is not attached to the body of the kettle, and you can pour water without upsetting a number of standing container.Immediately determine how far from the electrical outlet will be your kettle.Then you will know how long you need the power cord (there are 0.6 to 1.3 m).Stand with a contact located in the center, put the kettle will allow either hand, rotate it 360 degrees.

water level indicator have almost all the electric kettles, as well as indicator of the heating element .It is very convenient when the second made in the form of a luminous ring around the body of the kettle.Then it can be seen from any direction.

Caps .May be removable and not.Wash the kettle with a removable cover is more convenient.And they both have a locking lid should lock.

Automatic shutdown .It allows you to avoid damage to the kettle or even a fire, if you forget that included it.

Electric pump.Some electric kettles have a large amount of the electric pump.To pour water, it is not necessary to raise the kettle, just press the button and substitute a cup to the spout.Some buttons are located under the spout pouring water poured out of the corner pressing of cup filling button.

Filters .There are from simple to the three-stage.Filters are easy to change, but also become clogged quickly.They do not allow particles to enter the scale of the dishes.Some have an electric kettle spout with mesh.But this does not pass the filter only large scale particles.

Electronic management.Having bought a kettle, you can set the mode to automatically maintain a preset water temperature up to 4 hours.Or boil the water for 4 minutes (if you use tap water, a prolonged boiling removes chlorine).

Knowing all the features Dummies, you can easily choose the one that you need and meet all its requirements.