How to choose kitchen knives ?helpful hints

In this regard the most important thing - not to save.Cheap low-quality knives from the very beginning will be cut bad.They quickly tupyatsya, you will have to sharpen them often and soon they will come into complete disrepair.To work in the kitchen, you will need a minimum of three different sizes of knife (large - about 45 cm, average - about 40 cm, and small - about 27 cm) with a conventional blade with a pointed end.You can buy special peelers, slicing cheese and bread.

knife quality depends primarily on the material from which the blade is made.The blade is made of stainless steel or normal steel.Knife of ordinary steel quickly grows dull and requires more care.When purchasing be sure that the blade is well sharpened.Initially dull blade will be difficult to bring to the desired thickness in the home.There are also black ceramic knives, but they are not common in our market.Such knives are never tupeyut and very durable.

knife handle can be made of metal, plastic or wood.The best grip - from the

tree.Metal handles solid, but not very comfortable for the hands.Plastic handles quite often broken.Avoid buying knives with molded plastic handle without rivets, the blade in this case is most often only partly comes into the handle, and may eventually just fall out of the handle.The rivets on the handle must be reliable, we do not need to act and to be well polished.

knife with a wide blade is suitable for shredding large vegetables, such as cabbage.Sections of this knife are more equal.But it is inconvenient to cut finely.In a small knife with a blade all the way around.Cut convenient, but it turns out an uneven cut.If you are limited financially, it is best to choose a knife with a blade of medium width.But the ideal would be a set of knives with blades of various widths.

There knives with laser sharpened.On the edge of the blades of knives marked small risks.These knives do not require sharpening, they become more acute as consumption.But they are more expensive than conventional blades.