Christmas gifts with their own hands

and holidays like everyone, without exception, and gifts - too.Have you already thought what to give to friends and family for Christmas?But before Christmas is not so much time left!

In fact, the tradition for Christmas to give gifts made with their own hands - it is believed that in them lies a piece of your soul and a good attitude.And themselves, surely, will be pleased to prepare such gifts, looking forward, as will be pleased to receive them.

lot of tips and ideas for Christmas gifts can be found in the section "Crafts" in our magazine.This and various vases, jewelry boxes, picture frames, panels and Christmas wreaths.

do these things is simple and inexpensive enough to make some perseverance and patience, but a gift made with their own hands, will bring pleasure to you and to those who receive it.

ideas for original gifts set.For example, you can scan a picture of your friends by posting it on the cover of a fashion magazine.Then order in digital printing studio cover photo and "wear" it back

to the magazine.Surely it will be a long time to keep this gift, demonstrating his "debut" as a photo model.

can sew or tie a small heart and fill it with herbs - that is, make a sachet.And the herbs in the beautiful packaging suitable for gift and man, for example, as a flavoring in the car.

If you decide to give away tickets to the theater, cinema, a subscription to the pool or the fitness center, then pack it in a homemade postcard.And how to make this card, you tell your imagination, or you can look on the forum "wild" housewives and look at how to make handmade greeting participants of the Forum.

Even a bottle of wine can be packaged in a special Christmas package, decorate it with tinsel and bow.In such a gift package will look really festive.Come up with as a gift can be anything - a collage of cereals and legumes friend to decorate a kitchen, a pot for flowers, made in the technique of "decoupage" or painted yourself a cup of tea - all in your hands!

Creative imagination, for example, write down your favorite poem or song, saying a best wishes and greetings, make up a story or remember a funny story.For a loved one, especially if it is far away, your voice speaking to him, is the best gift.

Everyone is waiting for Christmas and New Year - both adults and children.And they look forward to the gifts that get in the holiday.So do not deceive expectations!