How to choose a toaster .helpful hints

First decide how many slices of bread you need to cook at the same time.There is a toaster and 2 to 4 slices of bread.Toasters, who prepare 4 slices at a time longer than normal toasters.Consider whether you have enough space in the kitchen to accommodate a toaster.

have the toaster must be pan.The cheap toasters pallet can not be, and to shake out the crumbs you will have to turn the toaster and shake it.

good toaster is the thermostat.The thermostat can be with a handle for infinitely variable power or switch to a certain degree of toasting bread.Some toasters have an infrared sensor, which monitors the readiness of toast.After the roasting process, the toaster must be switched off.Even better, after that it can beep.If you forgot the toast, then a beep will remind you of them, and you will get more hot toast.

For people who have no time to go to the shops to buy a well-toasted bread defrost function.You can buy bread for the whole week, put in the freezer and use as needed.

The "clever" toasters

there is a function of centering bread relative to the heater elements.In such toasters bread roasted evenly.

In addition, the toaster can be horizontal.From the roster, he is characterized in that the bottom has a heating element.Therefore, it is possible to roast and toast and sandwiches.

heating elements may be metal or ceramic.Metal elements unpleasant smell when heated, therefore preferable to buy ceramics.

outside of the toaster can be either plastic or metal.The metal case is more reliable, but it can be heated.Who started producing toasters with a transparent body.This is useful because you can immediately see to what extent the roasted bread.

It is desirable that the toaster housing was a recess in which is possible to combine the power cord.And chute cord so it does not wring.