How to buy a sheepskin coat ?

Winter is just around the corner and it's time to think about warm clothing.Coats, coats, jackets - this is certainly good, but for a long time in the women's locker room have a place comfortable, lightweight and warm coats.Practical, comfortable sheepskin is worth a lot, so I would like to buy quality thing.Good sheepskin can be worn for a long time and with pleasure.

How to buy a sheepskin coat, what to look for when buying, how to choose the thing that it is pleasing, warm, well-worn, and was beautiful to help you with our helpful tips.

warmest, consider "eternal", but also the hardest coats are made of sheepskin in Russia.From the skins of Spanish or French-made sewing light, the so-called "urban" coats, elegant, easy ... and cold.

The most important thing you should look for when buying - a tanning hides.The well-tanned skin must be smooth and pleasant to the touch, with no rough areas.There must be no scratches, stains of salt, fatty plaque, traces of paint and glue.If

crumpled sheepskin, and

the seller assures you that it just did not have time to iron - I do not believe it!Creases speak about the poor quality workmanship, because the qualitative quickly smoothed skin and restores the form.Take a sheepskin in hand and just shake it: if you hear the crunch, like a sheet of cardboard shake, better give up the purchase.A wet under snow, this sheepskin will be a stake.

If vending sheepskin coat has a low price - it is an occasion guard, because it may be what's inside it - glued fur.Because carefully inspect the inside of coats: fur must be the same along the entire length, combed to one side and have an average thickness.Watch carefully, to avoid bare spots, especially on the sleeves.

Importantly, look like the seams.If sheepskin sewn professionally and conscientiously, all lines of her perfectly straight and be sure to double - with no gaps, folds, wrinkles and capture hair in a seam.Especially important is the quality of manufacturing angles, welt pockets, loops, and other small details.

Now on sale you can find the coats of various colors.And how it will look your purchase is to wear, after a visit, or get wet in the sun, can be found, after examining the inner side.

Fur should be dyed exactly the same throughout the length of the nap.If it is not, after the slightest wet coats may appear white stains.Therefore, check the color strength: this just something you need to spend some time on the surface of the white handkerchief things.And yet, if one band is darker skin on the product the other, even if it does not spoil the appearance of the coats after cleaning this disadvantage can be repeatedly amplified.

In general, the quality of coats of color is paramount.You do not want your new clothes kind of lost after the first snowfall ?!To check the quality of the painting, remove the seam and look at the skin cut.If the lower layer of the skin in the seams is whitish portions dublenku painted surface using sputtering.After cleaning, such paint oblezet, sheepskin handicrafts may not be enough even for one season.When buying look at the markings - probably sheepskin generally not subject to dry cleaning

What could be defects in sheepskin?A bunch of!And you have to be careful.For example, it can meet the cutting defect: it is when the parts are cut in the opposite direction of the fur and cloth.On a fur coat can form spots because the water will flow through it in different directions, and things under the sheepskin coat worn, will be twisted, which is very uncomfortable to wear.The quality fur coat all the parts have to be sewn in the same direction of the hair and lint - strictly from the bottom up.

If you still bought low-quality thing, you have the right to exchange it for another.This is the case if you bought a sheepskin coat with no hands from unknown vendors, and in the store.By law, the exchange of furs period - six months, with time should be counted from the moment of the season: from 1 November to 1 March.If you purchased a sheepskin coat, say, 1 December 2007, the season should be counted as from December 1, 2007 to March 1, 2008, plus another month next winter.

It is regrettable, but there is no universal sheepskin: for kazhdo¬go type figures in factories developing their patterns.Trying on your favorite model, see that it is not sitting back to back, and remained stock, then under it will be possible to put on a warm thing.

but loosely fitting sheepskin coat must not move out.forward or back filled up.Lift up one hand - have the right tailored coats the other arm will remain in place.If you lift the shoulder - the product quality is not up to par.And, of course, first of all, you should feel comfortable in a sheepskin coat and comfortable.

choose a favorite item, ask the seller hygiene certificate - a document that confirms the safety of this product for the consumer.Ideally, when sheepskin has a quality certificate that proves that the item passed the test on dry and wet friction, because this is the indicator that allows you to judge how long you can wear sheepskin acquired without any problems.Do not hesitate to ask for these documents from sellers - if you are selling a quality item such certificates sellers are required to provide.

Helpful tips to care for sheepskin coat

- New sheepskin safe from moths.

- winter periodically sprinkled with its water-repellent sprays for suede and leather.

- Do not put a wet thing in the dry battery or an electric heater - even from this high-quality item quickly will become worthless.