Vases , bowls made ​​of papier -mache

Papier-mache - a very simple technique that can be used to make beautiful objects from readily available materials and drawings give the original form of bowls.Make them a snap.Use a stencil or set the selected image on a simple sheet of paper, then cut it out and stick to the bowl.You can make a drawing of any complexity - as you wish.

These bowls and a dish made of papier-mache look like they came to us from ancient times.And they can do with their hands and quickly and simply.

You will need to work:

form - use a bowl or a plate made of porcelain,
transparent packaging film,
kitchen towel,
.kley wallpaper,
thin white paper for typewriting,
heat-resistant form,
three bags of tea,
iron and ironing board,
brush width 2.5 cm,
thin brush,
sharp scissors,
ruler and HB pencil,
oil paint of different colors,
clear varnish-spray.


1. Preparing Paper for external layer.Place the tea bags in a heatproof container, fill it with boiling water and let it brew

tea for 5 minutes.Crumpled up a few sheets of white typing paper and dip them in tea.A minute later, remove the paper, straighten and leave to dry.Close the cloth ironing board and iron the paper to make it smooth.She should buy a kind of faded and cracked.

2. Pre .Apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the inside of the bowl, then cover the surface of the transparent packaging film so that it went beyond the edge of the bowl.Fold a soft kitchen towel in the form of small pads and smooth wrinkles or bubbles they adhered to the film.

3. Preparation of materials for the papier-mache .Narva newspaper, imposing on her line, into strips 2.5 cm wide and 10 cm long. Follow the instructions on the package, dilute the glue for wallpaper and let it stand for a while.To trace the change of layers of newspaper Stick, you can make each layer a different color by choosing from sliced ​​pieces of colored paper.

4. Making papier-mache .Using a broad brush, spread glue strip paper and glue to the film at the center of the bowl.Next glue the second strip so that their edges overlap.Likewise, each strip overlapping, increase the area of ​​a circle sealed until will cover the entire inner surface of the bowl with a paper layer.Then stick to it two more of the same layer, placing the paper strips in other directions.On top put a layer of white paper.Smoothes the strip to remove air bubbles.Leave the bowl dry.

5 Removal from form.Take the ends of the packaging film, pull out of papier-mâché bowls, remove the tape.Apply a layer on the outside of the white stripe.When finished, apply a layer of glue inside and outside.If necessary, gently then align the edges of the resulting bowl with sharp scissors.

6. Preparation drawings.You can come up with their own designs for a bowl, the more so as to draw the contours of the animals it is not too difficult.Draw a picture you like on the sheets of paper painted with tea, using brushes and paints.Put aside the sheets until they are completely dry.

7. bowl Decoration .Carefully cut out the patterns.The ends of the scissors must be very sharp.Then you need to cut the paper debris colored tea on the strip and paste over their cup on the inside and the outside.Place the figures evenly on the inside and outside of the cup and glue in place.Set aside in a bowl aside to let the glue dry.

8. Shut .Decorate the edges of the bowl with small spots of paint and let them dry.Then put the bowl on both sides of the layer of varnish spray.When the first coat is dry, apply a second coat.

Your cup is ready!

In the same way you can make a vase, a beautiful dish for candy or cookies, or use for interior decoration or gift.