Making toys : " Mumps "

Ahead Children's holidays.The weather is not too has to walk, and it gets dark early.Why do not you do crafts with your children, because nothing brings as joint work.Moreover, it is not plain and boring household chores, and the manufacture of toys with their own hands.

Surely you can find the remains of the house of fabrics, buttons, beads.Any proposed to make the toy is not difficult.You will need a little imagination, perseverance and patience, because you need to not only do something herself, but also to teach your child.

Start with the selection of the right materials.Fabrics using dense Neosypayushchiisya: cloth, fine woolen cloth, thick woolly knits.Eyes do from pugovok, beads or dots of felt, suede.To finish, take pieces of fur or fluffy fabrics.Some parts can be cut out of leather, soft plastics, oilcloth.

carefully read the description and tell your child.


To produce pig, you will need: the pink jersey, colorful knits, dense material, woolen thread or soft wire, buttons dark, t

hick skin.

Mumps is made from pink jersey, abdomen and ears - of a suitable fabric of a different color.Feet need to sew pieces of thicker material, folded in the form of tubes.For sveyte tight ponytail braid of woolen thread.

Tailor the two parts of the body, in one piece - Piglet and abdomen, two ears and four legs.

Fold the body parts into the wrong side and sew the face of the seam "forward needle" at the top of the point "a" to point "b."

Slide the front part and by aligning the point "b" Sew "penny."

By "Piglet" bottom sew a straight horizontal section of the abdomen.Then, apart body parts on the bottom, Sew between the abdomen by aligning the point "a".At one point, the joint terminal leave for stuffing toys.

Tamp pig wool or any soft material.This work will help you stick or pencil.Stuffed toy slot sew.

Every stitch leg, connecting the vertical sections.If the fabric is thick, such as cloth, then sew it should butt seam "over the edge".As a result, you will receive at least a small tube.To make the legs flat iron the damp cloth over them.Seams at the same place in the middle parts.

Sew the legs to the trunk lines planned the torso.Seams at the same turn inward - to the body.

laid in the center of the lower edge of ears are small wrinkles.Sew ears to head lines marked on a few small stitches by aligning the point "c".

Eyes dark buttons sew with thick thread.A tail to grab a soft wire or sveyte from thick woolen threads taut string.Sew the tail to the point "a".

Mumps is ready!