Select grinder

And so you decided to cook the most delicious burgers in the world of tomorrow?Great!But then today you will have to buy a good grinder.We hope that these tips will help you make the right choice and you will have time to perform conceived in time.

first chopper is why, rather than combine.And because the same equipment can equally well be processed foods so different in structure and hardness as meat, vegetables and pastry.Harvester - universal multifunction machine, its motor is designed to operate in different speed modes.Most often it is the pulse mode when you are recycling the product at high speed and for a short time.

We grinder motor is more powerful, it is designed for continuous processing of meat at a low speed.Combine the meat turns into a pasty mass.Cutlets from such a test will not produce air.In addition, in this minced you will come across pieces of veins or processed meat.

If you are convinced of the need to purchase a meat grinder, go ahead.The most important component in a meat gr

inder - is power.Instruments power 1300-1400 W can be processed by 2-2.5 kg of meat per minute, they are not afraid of any wires.Mincing average power 800-1200 W have a capacity of 1.5 kg / min.Low-power units 450 W twisted 1 kg of meat for 1 minute.

next important figure - it is knife.When choosing an electric meat pay attention to the quality of steel, which is made of a knife.From this it depends directly on the quality and reliability of the device.Typically, the knife needs sharpening once or twice a year.

However, in some models, which use steel of very good quality, sharpening a knife is not available, some manufacturers use a special sharpening, thanks to which the self-sharpening knife grinder during operation.But if all the same it is blunted, it is not necessary to grind at home - this is best left to a professional.

should be noted that all of the known appliance manufacturers have standardized their products.So, if you decide to buy a new knife, then you should not worry about what kind to choose.So the company has taken care of to a single knife approached any of its meat grinders.

Now the engine.It is desirable that the engine had grinder auto-reverse function.This feature allows you to bypass the problem of winding wires to the screw (auger - a spiral-shaped shaft that rotates inside the meat grinder).You do not have to disassemble the grinder to remove the vein.

Autorevers cause auger to rotate in the opposite direction, and clogging the reason out of the inlet.But, the most powerful grinders this feature often missing, as they should easily cope with veins and small fish bones.

Besides electric grinder motor must have a fuse or lock, which protects the motor from overheating and overloading.

knurled nut.This detail, which provides consolidation and knife tip.It is important that the knurled nut has deep grooves, arranged on the edge.After processing the meat knurled nut can be very difficult to unscrew, to disassemble the grinder.Deep grooves allow you to easily cope with this task.

electric grinders have worn on the neck of a special tray for meat.The trays can be plastic or metal.Since the tray - detachable part of the device, it is preferable to metal trays.And the wider the tray, so you will be more convenient to lay the meat.The body and neck grinder is also much safer metal.Metal parts are easier to wash and they do not fade.

In addition, some grinder can be equipped with additional interchangeable attachments for chopping and cutting of vegetables and fruits that can help you during the domestic preparations or prepare to welcome guests.