buy grinder

True connoisseurs of coffee are always only buy coffee beans.Coffee, on-ground production, storage loses its flavor.Even if it is stored in a sealed package, still every time you open it will get active oxygen which kills the wonderful smell of coffee.

important advantage of home grinder that between the grinding of coffee and its preparation process takes very little time, coffee has no time to oxidize and lose its flavor.If you want to buy a grinder, first select the type.Coffee grinders are blade type and millstone.

have knife grinders blades rotate in a circle at high speed and with the rotating coffee beans just cut into pieces and mixed them together.Fineness depends solely on time.The disadvantage of this method - the powder comprises grains of different size.It does not matter if you cook in Turku coffee, but espresso machines and coffee machines such grinding geyser will not work.

Please note that the majority of blade type coffee grinders do not allow sugar mill, asthis may damage them.To

prepare the powdered sugar is better to use a blender.

Power knife grinders varies between 140 - 220W, the more power grinder, the coffee beans are crushed faster.More powerful coffee grinders do not produce as coffee beans will char and lose flavor.

Knife grinder can be switched by means of pressure on the top cover or the button on the body.The first option is not very convenient and reliable.The cover you have to keep during the whole process of grinding coffee beans.This type of cover is not screwed turn on the grinder, it is easy to drop and break.Especially often broken plastic lug cap, which includes electric coffee grinder.Therefore, the option to turn on the button on the preferred package.

millstone grinders operate on the principle of the mill.Coffee passes between two rotating stainless steel disc and pulverized, as in the mill.Fineness does not depend on time, but depends on the gap between the discs.In such a coffee grinder automatic controls the process of preparation of coffee powder, and you only choose to what extent you want to grind the coffee beans.Some models offer a coffee grinders to 14 degrees of grinding.

millstone grinders come in various capacities from 30 g to 250 g of milled coffee but without sacrificing taste is stored in the dispenser grinder only 60 minutes.Therefore, for the future to grind coffee is not worth it, with the same success you can buy ground coffee in the store.There is a coffee grinder, grind that not all strewn with coffee and strictly specified number.You once poured coffee into the dispenser, and a coffee grinder and grinds itself measures the quantity you need.

Finally, if you are going to store the grinder in a cupboard, then you should look at the model with slots for winding the electrical cord.All other differences grinders are design - here the choice to suit your taste, sizes and manufacturers.

back in fashion manual coffee grinder - coffee mill.However, they are more for fun than for quick results.But, you, grind made by hand on antique (or present, old) manual coffee grinder for two, can be very nice, especially if it is busy man!