Bag in folk style - with their own hands

To produce bags it is not necessary to purchase special materials.You can take advantage of what is already available in your home.Almost always, you can find a piece of beading, denim, dense fabric of synthetic fiber, plaschevki, corduroy, velvet, and so on. D. It is only necessary to find the right fabric braid and start manufacturing handbags trimmed with lace.

Bag in folk style is made of monochromatic light material and finished with elegant, bright braid.For the manufacture of the bags need a piece of the fabric size 43 x 62 cm, lining fabric and two kinds of tape.

need to expand the pressed cloth on the table and place the braid on it in accordance with your chosen pattern, pinned her pins.

followed by tack and sew the elastic tape and ironed cloth with a pattern through a wet gauze from the inside.Now you need to sew the edges from the inside so that the strip of tape docked with each other.Then you need to smooth out the seam and turn the product on the front side.

Sew the edges of the lini

ng fabric, smooth seam.Wrenched lining sewn onto the front side should not be.Next, we need to connect the two parts made so that the seams were in opposite sides, and bottom edges aligned, and to sweep away large stitches upper fabric lining seam "forward needle".

the bottom 3 rows stitch the same seam at a distance of 1 cm from each other.Thus it is necessary to dial the needle with the upper fabric and the lining.Then pull the ranks of lines so that the 3 cm buckled and formed on the bottom of the similarity of the hoop.

bottom of the bag to be cut out of cardboard 2 circle with a diameter of 18 cm. From the main fabric and the lining should be cut 2 circles with a diameter of 24 cm. Arrange the circles on the table of fabric, they put the cardboard circles, previously smeared with glue them on top.Glue to cardboard circles fabric edge.

The bottom of the tissue lining once again need to lubricate the glue from the carton and insert it inside the bag oiled side down and glue to the bottom of the bag.Let the adhesive dry.After this, apply glue to the bottom of a second from the cardboard and glue it below the bag by aligning the edges of the two circles.The following is put on top of the load and allow the glue to dry.

top edge of the bag have to bend down to 3 cm and sew it to the lining.At the top of the bag at a distance of 3 cm from the edge through 4-5 cm is recommended to sew small metal or plastic rings.For the handles should be threaded through the rings 2 color cord 80 cm long.

your bag ready!