Champagne - the drink of the gods

The meeting decided to celebrate the New Year with champagne.Under the chime is heard the clink of glasses ... Any ritual has its own rules, as in the game.Of course, there are and sparkling wine.How, when and why you serve?

Where else but in France, could appear this firework of taste?Yes, it is here, in the Champagne region, the monk Dom Perignon in the XVII century the first figured out how to make wine, "play".It turns out that the longer the wine fermentation, the brighter becomes its taste.He came up, and how to preserve the magic bubbles: they invented glass bottles to have survived virtually unchanged.Pretty soon champagne became the official drink of the royal court, and the love of it spread around the world.

French know a lot about good spirits and are able to drink it, not only without harm, but even with health benefits.This French wine from Champagne have the right to be called champagne.Their names depend on the grape variety.All other wines, even the most sophisticated and experienced

sommeliers call or sparkling wines produced champagne method.The Russian Prince Lev Golitsyn in the XIX century "discovered" grapes Aliquot and Murved, and created the first Russian champagne, which was very successful.

Champagne wines can be drunk as an aperitif.In this case, it is recommended to apply snacks, such as dry savory biscuits and hard cheese, soft stomachs to not suffer from its acid.Experts say that the Russian tradition accompanied by champagne and chocolate oranges kills the taste of the drink and spoils the stomach.

With brut (dry champagne) well blended caviar, oysters, mussels, shrimp, all cheeses, especially with noble rot.Of the meat products to be fed dry champagne, smoked ham or game.

Serve sparkling wine is best to narrow oblong-shaped wine glasses - so perfectly preserved bouquet and sparkling properties.Glass must be pancake leg to hand does not warm the cup, as the ideal drinking temperature from +6 to +9 degrees.Pour into a glass should be no more than half - that's how you get a feeling for the best taste and aroma.

bottle of champagne, it is desirable to put in a bucket with ice and pour into glasses slowly.Sparkling do not drink in one gulp, and that gradual addition of chilled wine always makes it palatable.

open the champagne - men's work, but if you meet the New Year in the ladies' company, remember a few rules.The bottle is best to keep a 45 degree angle, then slowly remove the cap by turning the bottle.Your task - to control the gas outlet, the pressure is gradually weakening the hands on top of the cork.At the same time, properly refrigerated beverage not "explode", as many people are afraid of this.Still, do not be careless not accidentally bottle of champagne weighs almost half a kilo - in wine there is a pressure of six atmospheres!

Champagne - a favorite drink of celebrities.A Russian hussar addicted to champagne known and historical documents, and anecdotes.But the Lord knew in champagne sense: none of them could not hold as our brother.Though sommeliers among them are not met.Serve your champagne in an ice bucket and a bottle of zapelenuta gently, like a baby.Many believe that this style of service, but in fact a trick that hides the label of champagne from someone who is not an expert in wines.

Want to impress your guests?Pours champagne in glasses, not sitting at the table and in the kitchen, putting on a tray a few candles.When you appear with the splendor of the living room, all gasp, so inimitably it looks combination of sparkling wine and fire.

If you boil the spirit of adventure, arrange for the guests of the show "a pyramid of champagne."Build a pyramid of glasses: at the base of four glasses at their edges, the second tier - three glasses, two on the third, the fourth - one.Pour the champagne into the top glass to get the waterfall across the pyramid.This simple trick will undoubtedly be the highlight of your holiday.

Drink champagne - it's an art!Learn to understand the "language" of sparkling wine, and only then it will reveal its secrets.