Romantic date on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day - a romantic, a long-awaited holiday and touching!And, of course, Valentine's Day the most beautiful thing that can happen - a romantic date with your beloved.Of course, for such visits do not necessarily wait for Valentine's Day, but this day is a date could be decisive in your relationship.

If your relationship is going through a period of passion, it is clear that spend Valentine's Day you want together.It is unlikely that you will need something other than a bottle of champagne, glasses and a pair of ... a loved one.But if dinner together is intended to strengthen your relationship and give them a romantic mood, then you need to prepare in advance.

Where to celebrate?At home, he or on neutral territory?Never mind.Where you will not feel awkward.

If tremble all the time from a rustle at the door, anticipating the untimely return of someone from the family, the whole romance of fly to hell.

also not be the best hike in the institution, embarrassing you with its atmosphere, whether

it is pathetic expensive restaurant or party with strip-jazz.Search for a romantic date, a place where you will be "at ease."

general, romantic dinners are divided into dining "with consequences" and dinner "without consequences".Decide your best option in advance.From an overall strategy depends, again, rendezvous, dinner menu and some details of your attire.Do not provoke the man neckline if you are "nothing, in fact, do not mind."And it is logical romantic dinner "without consequences" endure beyond the secluded space.Quiet restaurant would be in this case, the most appropriate place.Here for you and your boyfriend, is the freedom of choice: to stay longer or to quickly retreat home.

If you do decide that your romantic date - a dinner "with consequences", then most likely you will have to take on the role of the chef, and provide their "apartments" as the scene for a romantic song.

Things to think about in advance?Lighting - one of the key points.Candles, dim light table lamp - more, as a rule, do not need anything.Buy gel candles.They are "long-playing" and will not be the case and distract you from the main object of your attention.And, of course, do not put all the arrangements to the last minute!Pre-arrange your candlesticks, choose the most convenient place for them, so you have only light candles after the bell on the door.

And most importantly - do not forget before the arrival of guests to wear evening dress.High heels are not necessary.Bare feet and loose hair - it's so romantic!I must say that the dim light works wonders.You can easily create an image of the fabulous diva: twilight hide those flaws that you want to hide from the man of your dreams and give the faith in their own strength.Nothing is such an acute sense of euphoria, as the excitement in the eyes of a loved one (of course, if his mind at this point is addressed to you, not the blonde on the TV screen).

Yet still do not get carried away with the desire to make a lasting impression on his beloved, otherwise you can not get to dinner, whom you will have to come up with a menu in advance.But remember, a romantic dinner should be not only delicious, but also very beautiful.Some simple tricks to help you create the right mood and make the meal memorable.

Making dishes - a necessary condition for proper feeding.Color utensils should be in harmony with the color of the food - do not drown out the shades, and to maintain the overall "mood" of the culinary creations.Because the sauce "compose" a suitable pattern on the plate - a heart pierced by an arrow.

Appetizers Serve with lettuce.Take a few leaves and create a beautiful "pie."It's just a kind of dish once transformed, becomes festive.As a design suitable for meat tomatoes "cherry" and unsweetened berries, such as wild cherries, cranberries.Dessert decorated with cape gooseberry or other sweet berries.Well look of chocolate decoration.But, more importantly, it's all prepared with love and in a good mood!

We wish you the most beautiful romantic date in Valentine's Day!