On Valentine's Day give your loved joy

Valentine's Day just around the corner.Again, get up to his full height present a problem, even if symbolic, but still.Well, when your beloved near and dear - here the number of degrees of freedom in choosing a gift is great.Present can be anything from clothes, embroidered with hearts and funky slogans in all places, to cufflinks with diamonds.

Generally, men gifts to choose is difficult, it is not something that women who are always a bunch of irrepressible desires!Shops holidays get rid of the heaps of unwanted and stale goods.You know yourself how tiring sometimes grind gadgets, filling shelves and think about where they still attach.And I want to make this gift to the favorite at least smiled.

One thing is clear - do not give unnecessary things: toys, trinkets, figurines, images and other things.For this you politely say thank you and, barely looking round, lay down your gifts ... closer to the bin.Men do not like dust, and not so sentimental as to press to the heart-pig piggy bank, remembering w

ho gave it.

If you are not sure exactly what smells like your favorite - do not give the perfume, because it simply is not obliged to smell the way you like it.Easy gift - a shirt, a tie is banal, but this is the next stage of relations, bordering on indifference and easy habit.And, of course, do not give socks, even to her husband.In general, a gift - it's not a necessity, and surprise, an unexpected pleasure!From here, and we must proceed.

If you are lazy, gather your pictures and make a collage - a kind of love story.Provide pictures funny inscriptions, poems, stories about funny or romantic situations.This place in a photo album or simply on a large sheet of paper.Over time, this album will be a family value ... or you will be that tear into small pieces, in the event of a breakup.

Give your favorite subscription to the pool or the gym, cinema tickets to a concert or a play.If you know his passion, then there is a much easier - any thing for his hobby will demonstrate your attention to his studies, which would certainly be nice to him.And you will help to choose any expert or knowing Internet.

wonderful gift will be invited on a romantic date.Valentine's Day - a holiday for two!Prepare exotic dinner, consider the situation and invite your loved one.And there, there is already everything goes the way you want!

Do not give expensive gifts!If your relationship has not yet been determined, the expensive gift may be perceived as a kind of attempt on his freedom and demand response gifts, which can be a favorite is not ready.

And, of course, do not forget the "Valentine", funny card with hearts and love declarations.If you do not have enough imagination to come up with their own "valentine" - take advantage of a huge selection of "Valentine" on the Internet.In fact, any sign of attention pleasant.And skimp on the sweet words, declarations of love, especially not worth it!Most say favorite, they you the way!Gentle words are the shortest way to the heart.

Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Valentine's!