Soon otshumit-will play a cheerful exuberant Mardi Gras.A c 3 March to 19 April starts Lent 2014, forty-nine days before Easter - the greatest Christian holiday.Lent lasts seven weeks.

first day of Lent is called Clean Monday.On this day the Russian people had to clean house, change the bright, festive decorations on the "lean", subdued tones, then be sure to wash in the bath and put on clean clothes.On Monday, he ate the rest of the Sunday meal of bread and some monasteries in Russia and in our time eating a communion bread and water on this day.

Lent is very strict abstinence.Vegetable oil is allowed only on Saturday and Sunday all through Lent, as well as days of remembrance especially venerated saints.Fish and wine is permitted only on the day of the Annunciation and Palm Sunday.On Lazarus Saturday (before Palm Sunday) is allowed to fish caviar as a symbol of life.

Third Sunday of Lent is dedicated to the Cross of the Lord, and called the Cross.At this time, bake "crosses" - a special cookie with

almond flavor, crisp and sweet.It was decided at one of these "cross" for the joy of children to bake a lot of money.Those who come across a lot of money cookies, considered lucky.

On Friday, the sixth week of Lent ends with the actual Lent, consisting of forty days, and begins Holy Week, which is also fast all Christians.

passionate days precede solemn Saturday of Lazarus from the dead and the Entry into Jerusalem, or - Palm Sunday.

first Christians received Holy Communion every Sunday, going to the home service - love feast.In Russia, it was decided to partake in Holy Thursday, which is called Maundy Thursday Holy Week.Good Friday - the most mournful day of the year.That day is not accepted to eat any food.Saturday of Holy Week - surprisingly quiet, bright.At the Liturgy on Saturday decided to consecrate the bread and wine in memory of ancient times, when the faithful remained in the temple until the night Easter service.

After the Liturgy, the priests change black clothing and decoration of the temple on the bright, festive.Mistress complete final preparations for festive meals, and not far the hour when under the domes of the ancient sounds Easter greeting: "Christ is risen!» - «Truly He is risen!»