How to organize a holiday for children .

Today for organizing events for children, there are many cafes, businesses, providing not only a place of celebration, but also a whole program with clowns, artists, even the trained animals.But all the same holiday home is very warm and cheerful in his family.However, the preparation of the festival for the children should be taken seriously.

It seems that here the complex: to collect the children's room with toys, tasty feed, and let them play and enjoy - that's the whole children's party!But those parents who already have got to do it, just know that this does not pass: children do not know how to entertain themselves, begin to act up and quarrel.

So if you really want to make a holiday of children, it is still a: New Year's, child's birthday, or simply call the children to visit, think of everything in advance and always involved in the preparation of the holiday children.

Together with the children, in accordance with the holiday theme, decorate the house in summer suit flowers, autumn - beautif

ul leaves in the winter - tree branches, and, of course, balls, garlands, flags, etc. Remove breakable items out of reach of children., free space for games.

New Year tree to dress up too, together with the whole family.Remember the old customs, when a Christmas tree hung candy, cookies, nuts, fruit.Wrapped in gilded or colored paper, hung in large loops of colored thread or cord, these goodies and look beautiful, and a lot of fun for children when they will shoot them and eat during the holiday.

Festival for children should begin with a threshold.Just take a small guest any game, so they do not get bored and calmly waited for the latecomers.And laugh and playing, children will behave calmly at the holiday table.

festive table do not overload the children with food.All meals must be beautiful, ornate, combined with each other, to have a beautiful and attractive name for the kind of children.Let it be a variety of cheese balls, egg mushrooms, snowmen cheese and crab sticks, funny patties as pigs, little animals and baked cookies in the form of ribbons.Recipes for children's holiday table can be found in cookbooks "wild" housewives.

for serving children's table do not take expensive dishes.In this case, you can even use a plastic disposable tableware.Colorful and bright plastic make elegant children's table, and the children can move safely without worrying that something is broken.And parents less hassle!Tablecloth better settle colorful, bright, and swipe to choose with funny children's drawings.

not load children's table various carbonated beverages, it makes more sense to cook a delicious fruit drinks and fruit drinks, make juices, but also from the combined each other fruits and berries.

And, most importantly, think of the children's holiday program.Children should not miss, otherwise the holiday will not work.Bustling outdoor games you need to punctuate the calm, solving puzzles, tricks.Be sure to prepare prizes for the winners in the games, make sure that the participation of all children not to be offended and forgotten.It would not have developed the game, get the opportunity to reward small toys, candy, pencils or chocolate medals of all children that each left a sense of victory and participation in the feast and fun, for example, if it's New Year's holiday, and children in costumes, awards for best costume.A possible reward for the loudest clapping their hands!

We offer you the game for children, which can be played during the holidays.But make sure the organizer of the games should be someone from the adults.

games for children's parties

«Animals in the Dark»

Pick depicting various animals, but each species has to be a couple.Images can be cut out of magazines, photocopied or simply draw a schematic.All participants are randomly dealt cards, and switches off the light!Everyone now has to find his relative, giving no sound animal language.In the darkness will begin meow, grunting, crowing.Differences in this din the voice of his pair and go boldly to the call!The winner in this game is the one who will find his mate.


You will need: four chairs - two in front of the two.Members sit opposite each other and the team start to stare into each others eyes.You can not laugh and blink, avert their eyes.The loser is eliminated.And so, until there is one winner.Fans can laugh and tease the players.Win - ie pereglyadevshemu all - prize - blueberry yogurt (blueberry great impact on vision, which he strained during the game).

«broken telephone»

Very good game when you need to get up to mischief reassure not measure children.All sit side by side, his hands over his ears and his eyes closed.Lead (the first in the chain) said quietly in the ear closest to the player a word.That body language is trying to convey this word to the next player, who has already said that he understood the next player's ear.


you need a loud ticking alarm clock.This is a game for children rasshumevshihsya.All they have to leave the room in which the adults are hiding a ticking alarm clock.Children must enter quietly into the room and listen.Whoever guessed where hidden Service should silently sit on the floor.There is nothing to say you can not!The one who stood last in comfort the next time he hides the Service.


You will need: a row of chairs, or a long sofa.Several players sit in a row and put his hands on his knees neighbors: left hand on your right knee neighbor to the left, the right - on the left knee to the right neighbor.Having dealt in the right and left, begin to clap knees neighbors from the edge of the chain, trying to claps followed by a chain of succession, not skipping a turn.Those who clapped too soon or miss a turn, removes the "guilty" in hand with the knees, and the game continues.The winner is the most focused player, who left two or one (last!) A hand on his knee neighbor.


You will need: 2 balloons, 2 broom (as an option - 2 badminton rackets), free space.Two participants (or two representatives of the teams) are invited to bring balls on a broom, not Prokopov them and dropping, not holding hands.The one who succeeds, you can issue a special medal and a certificate granting the right to sweep the apartment!

«Glue the tail»

You will need: painted on a large sheet of paper, a dog without a tail (you can cut it out of a magazine or take a picture and print close up your dog), the tail, cut apart and equipped with Velcro (a piece of clay).Each participant must be blindfolded, making 2-3 turns around its own axis to approach the film with the tail in his hand (better bring it, that it is not stuck tail of someone else), and paste it.Now it is time to remove the bandage and see something to laugh all around.Oh, and the tail of a color!


few sheets of paper cut burdock leaves, headbands for the eyes.Five participants (children) are going to go through the "swamp" - eg, on the other side of the room or corridor.To do this, the leading (adult) should be put to them "bumps" - noodle sheets, located in a large step from each other.Participants are as follows, remember the location of sheets, even "trained to walk on them, hand in hand. Now, the participants have to be blindfolded and .., quietly remove all the mugs, now interesting to see how Marshwalker will remember the location of the leaves and try not to fall into. swamp way, without an audience, egged travelers and commenting on their steps, it will be boring

«Light of my mirror, tell me ...»

you will need:.. The first large mirror - the most daring party - stands in front of a mirror andteam leader, looking at myself in the eye starts to praise himself. You can not avert their eyes and laugh, and for a long time silent. it is important to note the time, how long will each participant, not laughing.

Make sure that children do not get tired, otherwise they will become whinyor aggressive. Any holiday should be able to beautifully finish, for example, to organize a competition, who quickly dressed. Seeing the little guests, make sure that they do not forget to take with them their prizes, and your baby, try to divert some calm things that he has settledexcitation.

happy holidays to you and your children!