Horoscope.New Year of the Rat - 2008

in East each year, within dvennadtsatigodichnogo cycle is marked by different animals - symbols of the year.We meet in 2008 - year of the Rat, it is particularly important for those born in the year.What are they, the people born in the Year of the Rat?

People born in the Year of the Rat are attractive and pleasant appearance.They are hardworking, careful and frugal, the truth about his thrift they may forget, if strongly passionate and in love.This, as a rule, people are motivated, eager to success and wealth.

Despite the fact that rats are ambitious and almost always get what they want, they can be illogical and inconsistent.A feature of the Rat is the fact that she can not long remain calm and easily angered.

And what have the same qualities of people born in the Year of the Rat under different signs of the zodiac?

Aries , born in the Year of the Rat - A rat is aggressive, warlike-minded and uncompromising, but Taurus - Rat charming and cute.The strongest Rat, one might say, of the Rat Rats -

it Gemini .Rat Gemini will find a way out of any pitfalls and achieve their own.But Cancer , born in the Year of the Rat, to be feared, because it is addicting and Rat entertained, that can bring a lot of loved ones grief and disappointments.

Leo - strange rat, so the Lions need to be careful, because they are in conflict with themselves.Rat - experimenter finding a way out of the labyrinth of life can be called Virgin , born in that year.

Rat - Libra - very peaceful rat, totally non-aggressive, it can still be called reconciling.And quite the contrary Scorpio .Born in the Year of the Rat, he was sarcastic and destroys whatever is in its path.Krysa- Sagittarius - thrifty and energetic.Rat Capricorn - serious and hardworking.Often commit folly Fish , born in the Year of the Rat, though they have a rich imagination and are capable of much.But Aquarius - Rat prudent, restrained and rational.

But no matter what year and under what zodiac sign you were born.Most importantly, the New 2008 Year of the Rat brought into every home, peace, happiness and prosperity!