Defender of the Fatherland Day

How to hold a "Men's Day" Fatherland Defender's Day - it takes all women.After all, in fact, want to please men, and enjoy themselves, seeing their happy faces.To come up with something interesting and really bring joy, you must first create a mood.It's easy - throw out of my head all the troubles at work and at home, remember something pleasant, what is accompanied by your communication with fellow-men, those of joy, which gives you your favorite.Agree, these moments are not so little!And now you can come up with.

Gifts for colleagues usually chosen collectively.It depends on the traditions and on your financial possibilities.Sometimes a funny souvenir or a lottery ticket, a book or even a postcard with your own writing poetry.But still nice to get together for the dinner table.

Organize your men "table beer"!Moreover, it is quite appropriate for colleagues, and at home, only the number of starters will be different.About the benefits of beer already so much is said, it is difficult to add something

else.Although, here, for example, Japanese scientists have found that moderate consumption of Porter increases the body's resistance to cancer processes.They suggest that the anticancer effect have chemical substances contained in the malt.

you like the idea of ​​"beer table"?Then I'll tell you more.Traditionally, beer wooden table and covered with a tablecloth, but if your table does not meet the requirements of a classic, or you still want to make it more colorful, choose a tablecloth fabric in a cage, with vegetable or marine pattern.Do not forget the napkins - they should be fabric tablecloths or her tone.

Beer is drunk from ceramic or glass goblets.It is believed that their good pre-cooled or at least a cold water rinse.Under beer mugs or glasses placed special supports.By the way, in ancient Egypt, beer drinking through a straw.Wealthy Egyptians were of pure gold.

Utensils for snacks can be any, but it is desirable to sustain it in the same style and with the appropriate figure.Good suitable glass or ceramic plates in different colors (in harmony with the colors of the tablecloth and napkins).

Most importantly - decide what beer you drink, because according to the international classification there are 23 types of beer products (that's not counting subtypes).There are, for example, smoked beer (Rauchbier), English barleywine strength up to 12% or sour Berlin white beer.But it is hardly possible to find these varieties we have, therefore it is better to stay on something traditional.

selecting "pub table", remember that the beer is not mixed with any other drink.Do not mix and beers, as well as shake or fill up a new portion in unfinished.

To feel the taste of beer, it is cooled to a certain temperature.However, not too quickly cool the beverage, placing the bottles or cans with it in the freezer, in this case beer loses its palatability.The same rule applies to the abrupt heating.Beer is fed usually at a temperature of 6-8 °, but some grades require a slightly higher temperature.Pour beer, beer glass slightly tilted, then the foam will not overflow.Serve Beer in kegs better (for a large number of guests).In the bottles it fizzles out quickly.

To beer fit a wide variety of snacks.If you do not plan to linger at the table a long time, it is possible to dispense cold snacks: a variety of sandwiches, cheese, eggs, sausage.Perfectly suited cancers, salty biscuits, crackers from black bread with salt, nuts.And if you plan to feast long, be sure to offer hot meals.To beer fit: pizza, hot dogs and sausages, pig's trotters, fried chicken wings, fried calamari with sauce and garnish - cabbage, peas, potatoes.

In Russia, beer is served necessarily salty, dried fish, although beer with fish in many countries is not accepted to use - it is believed that the taste of the fish interrupts the taste of beer.

Crackers to beer - a German invention.However, they were rather late - to the XIX century.A traditional German snack - it's pork.As famous for beer traditions of Bavaria served ham, sausage, pork sausage, biscuits, salted pretzels, radishes and pickles and, of course, cancers.

France prefer cheese (of course, brackish varieties), peanuts, shrimp.In the US, there are no special traditions - in a free country beer snack in its sole discretion.

Beer drink slowly, then the taste of the beer will be fully felt.Yes, more, mugs or glasses with beer never clink!

Enjoy your holiday!

Recipes for "table beer" are waiting for you in the cookbook "wild" housewives!