New Year of the Rat , 2008. What did he bring us ?

coming year 2008 - a leap year.So what?Statistics confirm that leap years are not more restless than usual.So there is no reason for concern.On the eastern calendar 2008 - the year of the Rat.this year the Rat - house-proud, it will bring into the house of happiness and love.

This year is favorable for replenishment: so make home-made, buy on credit, take a loan, make investments.2008 Rat seems good with the financial side, but he hides the poverty of years to come, so be cautious and frugal.

particularly favorable year of the Rat will be to those who are engaged in literary work - there are many ideas and plans that will be implemented.But for politicians it is the year of convictions and charges.

In 2008, people born in the Year of the Rat , will be protected and happy in business and love.Those born in the Year of the Ox , can take advantage of a year of the Rat, to make cash savings. Tigers this year, it will be boring.In 2008 they will bring nothing, but do not worry - trouble, too, can not w


Cats must be careful and do not trust anyone.Rat warns of a possible betrayal.For Dragons 2008 is favorable.People born in the Year of the Dragon, can make profitable investments.But Snakes fall into the rapid whirl of events, despite the fact that the year 2008 as a whole for them to be very good.

motto of the year of the Rat, you can choose a word for Horses - Ā«cautionĀ».It must be all over, without exception, because the coming year for the horses will not be successful. Goats this year will not be able to make any savings, unlike Monkeys, who in the year of the Rat is all literally doubled.Use caution and cock , stay away from doubtful matters and unverified transactions. Boars be lucky in the year of the Rat, any investment will bring good dividends, any deal will bring income.But Dogs drearily all year - year of the Rat will be held for them without any sorrows and joys too.

But that was lucky Year of the Rat in all your undertakings, you should not rely solely on the horoscope.You understand - the water is not flowing through the rolling stone.Be intelligent, energetic, attentive, careful and frugal, then you will become a house-proud Rat assistant in all your endeavors!