Give your favorite holiday!

Gift favorite holiday!Let the whole day be special, so be prepared in advance.Select gifts, pick the menu, think about how you will look in the evening.

In Valentine's Day, decided to give each other small otkrytochki- "valentines" with the wishes of love and happiness.Of course, you can buy the "Valentine", but it is much nicer to do it herself, using your photos.

this day - an excellent opportunity to show imagination: bake a cake or cookies in the shape of a heart, cut the hearts out of colored paper and hang around the room. Do not forget the gifts! gifts can be any souvenirs: soft toys, sweets, ornaments, red roses, but not practical things.Buy in advance any tiny souvenirs - symbols of love and place them in the pockets, the bag - all places where he might stumble upon them.

Start your day with breakfast in bed.Put in a glass on a tray with breakfast a little rosette, pour the coffee in a cup with hearts.Make his favorite song in the wake of which he is constantly listening.In the evening, af

ter work, arrange a romantic dinner.Optionally, while reserve a table in a posh restaurant.Arrange all the candles, turn off the phone, cook something delicious, set slow music, chill a bottle of champagne.Holiday together valued much more expensive than the food in the restaurant.

Festive table for Valentine's Day romantic require registration.This holiday we associate with flowers and hearts, so the main decoration for the table - rose and hearts in all kinds of design.Do not forget to hang the room balloons, hearts, put on the table a low vase with roses.For this holiday roses should be a lot, so more suitable spray small flowers.

Cooked dishes also decorate hearts and initials of each other.Try to prepare a new and unusual dishes to the table.Choose dishes that can be prepared in advance, is not too time-consuming, but not one of those that you cook all the time, except that your loved one has their own taste preferences.Then just select your favorite dish and festively decorate it.

Do not forget the dessert, it will be a nice touch, finishing your romantic dinner.

right select drinks.Before the start of dinner aperitif can be submitted to quench your thirst and an appetite.As an appetizer fit vermouth, sherry, Madeira, as well as dry or semi-dry wine, dry or semi-dry sherry, dry cocktail.Spirits never served before a meal, as they dull the sense of taste.

- The best juices for an aperitif - orange, pomegranate, grapefruit, lemon.

- For snacks usually served vodka, bitters, liqueurs

- to herring and tapas - vodka, whiskey, gin, brandy, strong cocktails

- in aspic - vodka, brandy, strong cocktails

- for pastes- brandy, dry wine, cocktails

- to cheese - semi-dry wines, red table wine, brandy.

To Fish hot dishes are served white natural wine, such as Riesling, Kakheti.For oily fish more suited strong wine, for example, a dry sherry.

For lobsters, oysters, seashells recommended dry sparkling wine, semi sweet white or light white table wine, and Ch√Ęteau Yquem: the dishes of lobster - dry sparkling, white table wine, to cancers - port or white semi-dry wine.

meat dishes served with red wines such as Cabernet natural.For greasy kebab, rice, pork - red table wine extractives, such as Saperavi or white Kakheti.Ovine - table wine of medium strength.

to the vegetables and herbs served dessert wines such as muscat, tokay, Cahors, etc.

For dessert sweet dishes recommended sweet wine - dessert, sparkling.No dry or semi-dry wine is not in harmony with the dessert.For creamy desserts suitable sweet Madeira or port, to the dessert of fruit - sweet dessert and sparkling wines, a dessert of berries - white wine, port wine, berry or fruit liqueur, a fortified high-quality fruit and berry wine.

to fresh fruits, berries, fruit wine is not available in natural form.

Tea is served liquor to coffee brandy or rum.

White and table wines should have a temperature of 12-14 degrees, red - 16-18, champagne cooled to 6-8 degrees.

Delicious recipes for the holiday table waiting for you in the cookbook "wild" housewives.