We see off 2007 Cabana - celebrate the New 2008 Year of the Rat .Summarize

In the Eastern tradition, the new year does not start on the night of December 31 to January 1, and at the time of the second new moon after the winter solstice, so that the "change of the heavenly guard" occur on February 7: it was then, and begin new 2008 Yellow Rat.

Almost a year ago we tried to imagine what will bring us in 2007 Cabana, making plans, getting ready, waiting.And now you can take stock of the past year.Before New 2008 year of the Rat is still time.So there is still time to change things, to fix.So, let's think about who and what needs to get done as early as this year.

rats waiting for his attack, New Year 2008 an urgent need to complete unfinished business: pay off debts, to reconcile those who quarrel, make important decisions.In a word, to celebrate the New Year of the Rat no "debt" in any sense.Do not pull a cart of old cases.Otherwise it is necessary for twelve years and have to trudge in the wake of the events.

And you need to think about how you are going to spend the next

12 days, 12 weeks, 12 months or even 12 years.And yet, on the eve of the New 2008 goals Rats do not skimp on good deeds - you it will return a hundredfold

Bulls at the end of the year Cabana useful to relax, even to go somewhere, a change of scenery and relax.Be sure to settle the relations with the ill-wishers, and try not to make new enemies.But new friends and nice acquaintances will be useful.And if you could not make such people in the old year, but on the eve of the New Year of the Rat 208 try to have time to do it.Seeing 2007 cabana, arrange a holiday for friends, for those who have helped and was kind and considerate to you in the past year.Be kind to people, and you will see how they respond to kindness.

Tigers not be offended by the outgoing 2007 Cabana, even if it was in your opinion.Let not developed a career, but you have purchased a new and true friends.And it is not clear that it is better!In order not to repeat past mistakes, to objectively assess their capabilities, consider penalties, treat yourself with irony, and the Rat 2008 is sure to bring you good luck.

Rabbit (Cat) well to arrange a foreign trip, though not a romantic trip, so at least a business trip or on business trip.2007 Cabana gave you a burst of inspiration, creative spirit.And your main task is to keep him until the New Year 2008 Rat.Then it's a state of mind and success in business will continue for the entire year.

Dragon 2007 Cabana given the opportunity to organize their work or succeed in their own project and to reach a new, higher standard of living.If you manage it, thank Cabana, and at the same time, seeing him walk around the house with a lighted candle, symbolically burning away all the bad things that might linger.

If you have not been able to take advantage of his chance in 2007 Cabana, then you urgently need to understand why it happened, to draw conclusions, so as not to repeat past mistakes.Otherwise in the New 2008 Rat you may have bigger problems.

Snake must complete all the agreements: agreements, contracts, transactions, projects.Then it will be, what to do in the coming New 2008 Rats.And try to find a reasonable compromise with those who had a falling out, not to pull him into the next year hostility and resentment.

But family, friends, partners, colleagues, and all those who helped and supported you in the year of the Boar, you need to have time to say kind words and express my appreciation.Think of all the pleasant and interesting that struck pleased with you in the past year - let it go with you in the New 2008 Year of the Rat.

For Horses it is very important to take care of their health.Term loans fitness, maybe sit on a diet or go on a raw food diet or vegetarian food.Now you lay the strength and health of the entire New 2008 Year of the Rat, so think about how to do that these forces be enough for all the initiatives of the New Year.Moreover, before the end of the year Cabana to complete large-scale projects, analyze the mistakes and make the right conclusions.If you offer to help - do not give up, on the contrary, accept with gratitude!

At Goats in this busy year, held in the creative quest, obviously did not have enough time and energy for family and friends.While there is time, think about it and try to provide assistance and support to families who are in need.And be sure to take care of children.If you do not have your children, be sure to make someone else's gifts.And do not forget that all the love, friendship and creative relationship established in the year of the Boar will be important to you in the next five years.

Monkeys need to look at life easier and not to lose the sense of humor.If you have not used any opportunity, you have time to even begin an important matter.And do not give up, but on the contrary, accept with gratitude even small gifts of fate.Then the New 2008 Year of the Rat will be to your favor.

cock useful to go somewhere to relax, have fun, but just briefly.You can visit friends, have a party for your colleagues or relatives and reserved friendly support and good humor.New 2008 Year of the Rat will be very successful for those who are studying or going to study.But only if the first steps you will have time to do this year.So sign up for courses or in any circle, and future applicants should determine the choice of the university, and even better - to do the preparatory courses.

Dogs certainly have strengthened the financial position since year Cabana gave them every opportunity for this.And if you still could not improve their welfare, figure out what the cause.Maybe you always underpaid or cheated, and maybe you are wasted that should be stored.Do you have time to collect debts, to fix money matters and understand that even if you have not acquired wealth, the gained experience that is useful to you in the coming New 2008 Rats.

boars have something to boast about - luck accompanied them throughout the year.And if that does not happen, do not worry.Most likely, you will need to change the image or try yourself in different roles.Then you will be noticed and appreciated.Saying goodbye to the year Cabana, with the year of your patron, try to take the final leap to professional and creative endeavors.And be sure to think through their plans for the future twelve years.

expiring, 2007 Cabana brought each of us a lot.It is unlikely that you can immediately tell if this year has been completely successful or not.But there is still time to catch something, something to finish, finish, finish saying.It is possible to have time to analyze your mistakes, to relive joyful events and tune in to the New 2008 Year of the Rat, a leap year, the year of new worries and anxieties, joys and accomplishments.