The tale of your life

All of us in childhood, with bated breath, listen to fairy tales.And, of course, invented tales, too, trying to imagine yourself in the place of the heroine.Psychologists say that the stories that we are particularly fond of, is in direct relation with the "script" of our adult lives.

So, if you loved as a child, "Cinderella", it is possible that you are having problems in his personal life.Every woman wants to love and be loved, but you better not be in a hurry and so, moreover, do not despair - your happiness you are already looking for, so do not rush to bind their lives with a casual partner just because the years go by, and all the friends married.

Those who in life was reading "Vasilisa the Wise" is sure to become faithful wives and girlfriends.Men are very lucky if they meet in the way of such a woman, you can count on always and everywhere.It will be a lifesaver always and for all - not just for her husband, but also for parents, children, grandchildren and friends.This woman is capable of any


you as a child fascinated by a small and courageous Gerda from the "Snow Queen"?Do not be surprised if during adult life you constantly of saving, to help out, help.Just be careful - not all need your help, and not everyone deserves it.And, besides, it is good, and if you were next to a reliable person at a time when you need support.

Those engrossed in the tale "The Snow Maiden" in adult life may simply be afraid of love, not trust men, and in the possibility of happiness.If Maiden - is your favorite fairy-tale heroine, you will be sure to come up with a happy ending in fairy tales, otherwise stress will accompany you.

girls who came to love the most fabulous heroine Little Mermaid, and in adult life continue to live in their own world, which has little to do with the present.We'll have a lot to go through and endure until she finds the same as myself, romance, devotedly in love with the Little Mermaid and the fairy tale, and in life.

Just do not think that children's attachment to the tale with a sad end neizmenimy impose an imprint on adulthood.Engage in self-programming and redo the familiar fairy tale as you want, think of happy and turns completely to the other end of the fabulous heroines.Maybe you liked very different tale - re-read them and try to understand what it is you loved them.Maybe that's when you and understand better their problems, and this is the right way to resolve them.

man of many forces on the change in your life.So you need to build your own life, his story, and, to control it, not allowing it to predetermine your way.