When you do not need a peck of salt

About the fact that you need to eat a peck of salt, to know a person knows only one who does not know anything.But this is so long, and in our age of rapid want to understand all at once, and this is correct!And now what i can do?

Try the recommendations of psychologists.They will teach you how it is possible in a very short time, for example, a quarter of an hour to find out about your man enough to understand - he deserves interest or not.So, you take a little time for quiet and attentive conversation, observation, and, of course, a man, you want to know.What to talk about?Talk about:

... his favorite form sport.If it carries jogging, swimming - single sports, it is likely to appreciate and preserves its independence.But fans of team sports like to compete not only on the sports field, but also in life.Those who are generally not interested in sports, usually has independent thinking combined with a sensual nature.

... about with whom he befriends. On the one hand it's great, if a man knows how

to keep a friendship over the years and still has another children's friends.But this is a property of character trains that he can avoid the changes in life, and, moreover, will not be so easy to win his trust.If your man has a lot of friends and did not take the trouble to search for the one and only true friend, it speaks of its ability to quickly adapt to any situation, it is easy to converge with people, but ... just as easily leave them.

... about how he pays. your potential partner likes to swing by credit card?Undoubtedly, he is ambitious and overly confident.Not bad that, most likely, he has the desire to reach a certain material well-being, and he will succeed.If your man prefers to pay in cash, before you separate and independent person, which is hard to corner.If your companion constantly refers to the lack of money and prefer to evade unnecessary costs, he or stingy, or used to be held responsible for it other.

... how he prefers to communicate. you new friend likes to communicate by e-mail?This means that it is currently on their mind, and therefore selects a method in which it can control its expression.Most likely, he does not want to show what he really is.If your man prefers to chat on ICQ, get ready for the fact that he will always seek your attention, because it requires immediate proof that

you think about it.But telephone communication lovers a little old-fashioned, likes everything to be "right."In conversations quite honest and not afraid of intimate topics.

... how he wants you to dress. If your man likes, when you are dressed in jeans style, it is clearly devoid of claims, unhurried and undemanding, and I would like to see you and the same.A man who looks around with interest the woman in designer clothes, puts prestige in the first place, and, it must be sufficiently secured.While you need to be careful here - it is possible that the money for it - the main thing in life.If he likes the style of femme fatales, then most likely, the relationship he waits for ego gratification.

... his driving style. If your partner is too emotional at the wheel, often gesturing that something trying to tell other drivers, he has clearly increased aggressiveness and bad manners.But those who even in difficult traffic situations to exercise restraint and calm, have good self-control, and do not tend to do things under the influence of a momentary impulse or desire.

... its accuracy. excessive neatness of men talking about their increased intelligibility and zanudlivym.It is unlikely that such a man will be easy and fun.In general, a neat man, but prone to lung disorder, usually open and sociable person.But sluts or infantile, or just lazy.

... his brothers. If your man - big brother in the family, then it is ready to accept responsibility and take responsibility for their own actions.The younger brother is usually more is creative, but somewhat rebellious.Middle brother sensitive and requires much attention.

... how he publicly expresses his feelings. Men too love publicly demonstrate their feelings usually are not too confident.But, on the other hand, hugging, kissing in public, for men - is a kind of statement that you are together, you are - a pair.If your companion keeps his distance on the people, then he has doubts about the seriousness of your relationship.

... whether he looks you in the eye. man, visibly avoiding eye contact can be a person who can not be trusted.If, during the conversation, he literally eats your eyes, then perhaps he is trying to confuse you.But the "sliding" look when he looks into your eyes and awkward looks away, says that he likes you.

... how he says. hurried and fast it indicates that your man is energetic, but more spontaneous and too fixated on himself.Slow and smooth it speaks of solidity, but, at the same time and on the landing.Maybe it's a little boring, but you will not lie in wait for surprises.

clear that for serious conclusions obtained information will not be enough.But this is only the beginning - all the fun ahead of you.The main thing is not to hurry, and always attentive and behavior, and appearance, and to the words of your men.