Listen !

Ā«Language was given to man to conceal his thoughts" - who are not only attributed to this famous saying - Talleyrand, Fouche, Voltaire, Jung, Dionysius Cato, Plutarch ... We perceive talkativeness as a drawback.Moreover, each of us probably have remained in the memory of the moments when it is because of what has been said, we messed with someone relationships created problems for yourself, or hurt themselves offended by to tell us.And in hindsight, we often regret that not formulated their idea failed to be silent, rushed to speak, blabbed or inappropriately joked criticized, killed ...

Women's indiscretion - a byword, but psychologists say that in a societytalkative women men feel at ease, calm - they even improved mood and creates a sense of celebration.So the whole thing in the sense of measures, that is, in fact, to the extent appropriate volubility, and when it turns into a verbal fountain that offers plug Kozma bars.

In addition, psychologists have identified seven types of people and have for

mulated their psychological portrait is based on how people talk.If you want to know how you perceive the surrounding, or do you want to learn more about your partner or friends, listen to the conversation, and you will discover many interesting things about myself and about others.

Type 1. man says quietly, blankly, call the tempo - low, his judgments are pessimistic character.

As a rule, people who belong to this type, inactive and suggestible, because it is very sensitive and shy.They have low self-esteem, and a lot of effort is spent on soul-searching and doubt, so they do not show a special performance, career aspirations, and so on., But are neat and executive employees.A man of this type of reliable and loyal friend, an attentive husband and father (this applies to both men and women).The lack of penetration and ambition makes men bad breadwinners and women often become dependent on her husband.People type 1 in friendly relations are highly compatible with types 1, 4, 6, 7. The family life of a woman of that type compatible with the type of 2, 3.4, and men - the problem with all types of women.

Type 2. People belonging to this type, speak softly, but emotionally and even flirting stakes.Usually they have their own point of view on every occasion and defend it, criticizing the opponent, and even raising his voice.

As a rule, people who speak well, aggressive, selfish and touchy.Emphasis neat, they make excessive demands not only to themselves but also to others, while rarely make concessions.They have good intuition, although there are petty and even quarrelsome.Their manners are changed depending on the mood of the courtesy and delicacy to the roughness and cynicism.They are hardworking and ambitious measure - career aspirations are not too they occupy.

In terms of compatibility - it's good for men with types 1, 3, and 4, but with a female type 2 and 6 to establish a good relationship will be very difficult.As for women, the family life they are more compatible with the types 3,4, and much less - with types 6, 7.

Type 3. person belonging to this type, talking loudly, emotionally, without much theatricalityand at a moderate pace.He does not like empty talk, considerate and sympathetic in conversation, fair and objective in their judgments.

Such people are reliable in any situation: at work, at rest, in family life, in friendship.They are sociable, intelligent, independent, hardworking and lucky, so they manage a career and rising prosperity.

man of this type - an attentive husband and father, and a woman - caring wife and mother.Women such as 3 well compatible with family life types 2,3,4 and 7, the most compatible with the type 6, and on friendly terms, and men and women find a common language with everyone.

Type 4. Learn representatives of this type can be for a quiet and reasonable voice.These people do not suffer from shyness and willingly go on contact.In the judgments they - optimists do not like to condemn anyone, but on the contrary, their emotions are most positive.

People of this type are easily influenced by someone else - they are good performers of the will of others, but only if it coincides with their own needs and desires.They are the executive, but completely devoid of initiative.Most often, they go on about their desires, hiding from the necessary cases and solutions.But if a woman such as 4 - a good caring mother and wife, a man is usually a mediocre husband and father.As for compatibility, the communication in the team type 4 is compatible with all the others, but the men in family life, as a rule, unfortunate, since it is not able to, and do not seek to be a spouse, a leader and take responsibility for the family.For them, it is best to choose a spouse in women 1,3 and 4 types.But women can choose the partner of any type.

Type 5. People of this type are usually talking quietly and at a slow pace, not emphasizing the word.Although they do not avoid contact, but prefer to be a listener, and rarely express their position and almost never defend their point of view.They are passive, but rarely irritated.

These people - a reliable companion in life.Nothing that they are slow and even boring, this is offset by the care, participation, a strong sense of duty and high capacity for work, so they make excellent spouses and parents.Best of all in the family and people friendly relations of this kind are compatible with the types 2, 6.

type 6. Representatives of this style is more like talking than listening.Their theatrical speech varies from a whisper to a scream and is accompanied by a rich facial expressions.

This usually selfish by nature.They are aggressive, they are easy to provoke, so they often get involved in the debate and does not calm down, until you insist on his.In dealings representatives of this type do not like to obey and therefore always at loggerheads with colleagues and superiors, with independent and like to do, requiring initiative and determination.People of this type - the leaders, who are always trying to create around him a group of those who report to them.But they have good intuition, but often subjective in his judgments.Such people tend to organize their lives and loved ones on your own, but it is very fond of home, family, children.This type of people are completely incompatible in family life with their own kind.For women, it is best to make a couple of men with type 3 and 4, and the marriage with a man such as 4 fraught justified jealousy.A male 6-type compatible with the types 1,2,3 and 4.

Type 7. People belonging to this type, usually speak slowly, steadily, but confident tone emphasizing individual words with restrained theatricality.

representative of this type is endowed with secrecy, suspicion and carefully concealed even from himself aggressiveness.They - unsophisticated web browsers, but functional and methodical, though not like the change of activity and hardly change their habits.These people are very well adapted to the circumstances, cleverly changing their "under him", not wanting anything to change their behavior.They are persistent, and in achieving the goal of using all means.

Because members of this type are obtained very wayward husbands, fathers severe "cold" wife, demanding mother.Women in the family life compatible with types 1, 2, 4, and men can find a mate with the representative of any kind, except 6.