"The language of smells " will tell about you

Why do we like some smells, and we barely tolerated others?And it happens and so that those who choose our loved ones fall into the category of unpleasant smells for us.It turns out that preferences for one or another flavor, you can make a conclusion about the many features of human nature, and, hence, about the compatibility of people, too.

understand the "language of smells", we can better understand yourself and the person who alongside us.And in practical terms, it is very convenient, because knowing a loved one, you can accurately choose it as a gift or that perfume or eau de toilette.So, what do psychologists say about the attitude to smells and the properties of human nature?

floral fragrance , such as lily, freesia, gardenia, jasmine, rose, as a rule, are light and pleasant to talk to people.Man, give preference to these smells, reliable and loyal friend, a good host.Lovers of floral scents - creative people that make unusual and original touch, even in daily activities.They love their home

and prefer the cozy atmosphere of noisy companies and parties.Skilful hands and bestowed by nature, they turn things around them into works of art, a passion for beautiful things and decor, and often addicted to collecting.

woody , such as sandalwood, cedar wood, preferred by people distinguished by elegance and sense of style, loving restraint and faithful to the classics.It is true intellectuals who have multifaceted knowledge and able to converse on any topic.Typically, these people are careful and prudent, do not lose composure in the most difficult situations.They are considered the real experts and the conqueror of hearts - sensual and sophisticated.

Green and forest aromas , such as bamboo, grass, hay, moss, morning dew, selected supporters of a healthy lifestyle and are big fans of sports and outdoor recreation.Moreover, those who prefer such smells, generally try to choose all natural and "no preservatives".Among them, the greatest number of vegetarians.Such people are energetic, witty, have a movable mind and are able to find non-trivial solutions of even the most mundane issues, always trying to achieve your goals.

Oriental scents - vanilla, amber, spices, tend to choose creative people who love art.They are traditional in their preferences, appreciate the elegance, privacy and comfort.Among them are collectors of antiques are often found.These people stand out in a crowd on a spectacular appearance and stylish accessories, their speech is rife with many of the original terms and epithets.Fans of all that is beautiful, they are able to transform and privacy in a quaint and romantic holiday.

Citrus flavors : mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, organized like people who think the key to personal success in all aspects of strict discipline, a clear strategy, well thought-out tactics.These perfectionists, they like to plan everything to the smallest detail.But if you disrupt their plans, they can be violent and unrestrained as hard experience deviations from the chosen path.In love, they love to dominate.True to themselves, they are someone else's infidelity and betrayal are experiencing very difficult.

Fruit flavors , such as black currant, raspberry, peach, watermelon, melon, choose a romantic nature.They are very sociable, loves noisy companies easily make friends.They can rely on - true to his word for the loved ones they are ready for any sacrifice.Fans of fruity flavors are creative, able to work in a team, have a great sense of humor.Despite the fact that they love and are able to easily and gracefully flirt by nature is Monogamous.

Marine fragrances : algae, waves, breeze, rain - scents for those who do not like enclosed spaces, heaps of furniture, superfluous things.For them, the smell of sea expanses are soothing, stimulating activity and enthusiasm.This outdoor enthusiasts and travel - hoarding is not for them.Inner freedom, creative search, view, looking to the future, and is reflected on the relationships with loved ones.They are not prone to constant affection and always feel free to, without worrying about the feelings of others than often cause them to suffer.

fresh aroma of air, ice, frosty wind preferred by those who can not imagine life without the city, not too fond of outdoor recreation.These people love the comfort, addicted to fashion novelties, are experts in contemporary art.Family joys and home comfort, they prefer to communicate with friends in a noisy group in public places.Lovers of fresh flavors rarely have close friends, even though they have a wide circle of acquaintances as a very high value themselves and choose partners for a long time.