How to win a woman

you finally found his ideal - the one and only woman who is able to make your fortune?Then you face a serious task - to win her over, like his beloved, and make sure that she, too, began to assume that met your soul mate.

What is required?First of all, your desire to please her.It is useful and good knowledge of female psychology, patience and consistency.For starters learn how to listen.If you show a genuine interest in her life, she immediately pay attention to you.But you should really be interested in what your friend has been at work, what her hobbies, to read, what music to listen and so on. Questioning, Listen carefully, but do not confuse, do not forget what he heard.

Try to be a pillar and support.Constantly stressed willingness to help not only in words, but in reality the solution of its problems, to overcome difficulties.Every woman dreams that her side was a strong, intelligent and able to support a man.

Do not forget to pay compliments.And let it not be a banal set of standard phrases a

nd specific praise hair, figure, culinary skills, sense of humor and so on. It will not be difficult if you are really interested and become treat your girlfriend to really carefully.

rooted stereotypes that men do not notice the details of women's appearance, and indeed, little to pay attention, you need to dispel, as any woman like endeavor, and all its tricks just to the man noticed and appreciated.For women, it is important to impress and their appearance and their talents, skills, conversation and so forth. So appreciate her efforts and say it out loud.

If you are serious about your friend and you want to in the future be associated with her life, then you need to be for her interesting match her idea of ​​the perfect man.You do not have to stop the development, because your woman all the time looking at and appreciate you.If she realizes that you have it, "everyone said," and the more you do not know anything and do not know how, it just becomes boring.

But we should not, and what is called a "push intelligence."Allow your friend to be something more competent, so that she could teach you, for example, cook something delicious, or to recommend an interesting book.This will show that you appreciate her intelligence and taste, which, in turn, will cause her desire to surprise and amaze you.

If your relationship been going on for a long time, do not forget that people change, and your girlfriend - too.Do not repeat compliments, do not cease to be considerate, encourage her desire to evolve and surprise you with their skills.