" Forbidden " theme or what it is not necessary to talk with men

you meet the man of your dreams, and now are afraid to frighten off potential happiness careless word, act awkward, ill-considered statement?To avoid this, listen to the advice of psychologists, engaged, just, relationships between men and women.

The first thing to consider offering professionals is required delicacy in the questions and the selection of topics for conversation.It is understandable that you want to know about your companion as much as possible, but keep his impulses and Moderate curiosity.Do not ask your friend a lot of questions about his personal life, especially if you see that he is not inclined to frankness.Over time, as he will feel you trust, then he will tell everything you want to know.

not try at first to tell all of your love and of themselves, especially not necessary to dwell on your problems and concerns.On the contrary, try to appear independent, self-sufficient, confident and strong woman who is not looking for a man only to solve their own problems.

Exclude from your conversations about politics.Men priori convinced that women do not understand anything in politics, and in addition, it is unknown what views he holds - you can not help be on the polar points of view.

Likewise, do not show their love horoscopes, predictions, talismans, astrology and so on. According to statistics, only 7% of men believe in astrology and divination, so you'll look in his eyes of the gullible and stupid.

Danger theme can be and the national question.You still know so little about your familiar, you can careless remarks hurt his loved ones.

If you are ironic or joking sarcastically about the behavior or appearance of the passers-by or visitors to the cafe, where you spend your time constantly dismisses criticism of familiar address, colleagues, friends, your companion will reflect just how friendly you are human.And he begins to fear that you and him in the same tone, telling others.

Do not greet her companion all idle speculation and content of the "yellow" press.As a rule, men are not interested in gossip, and your interest in this kind of information does not demonstrate a wide outlook and a decent range of interests.But clever is not worth it - behave naturally, try to capture the mood of your mate and meet him.

And, perhaps most important: Know how to listen!Do not interrupt the man, carefully Hear it through, react to what was said.The same omniscient statistics says that one of the main advantages of men think women like time listening skills!So, save, or at least show interest in what your companion says.And if you were boring and uninteresting to him, think about whether this man was to you in your dreams?