Numerology and Compatibility

Numerology - a method of determining the hidden truths by means of interpretation of the numbers.In numerology based on the idea that each number is a symbol of certain concepts.For example, 1 - is the unity of God, the beginning and the indivisibility, 2 - duality, separation, analysis, hatred and the devil, 3 - good, stable harmony, synthesis, etc. With the help of numerology, people try to predict the future, to determine a good day for..fulfillment of important tasks and so on. Today, you are invited to a way to determine with the help of numerology compatibility with your chosen one.

Want to learn how you approach each other?Then you need to calculate the number of paths for yourself and your men.To do this, calculate the sum of the digits corresponding to the day, month and year of birth by means of addition and then reducing it to single digits.

example, you were born 11.01.1975 and your man born 12.2.1970.Your number of ways: 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 5 = 25.Then add the 2 and 5 to obtain 7 - Nu

mber of Ways.

His Path Number: 2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 7 = 22.Adding 2 + 2, we get 4 - The number of its path.

And now look at characteristic numbers .

1 - person with that number Path - the original and decisive nature.He constantly strives for success and prosperity, wants to be in the center of events, he loves the attention of others.If things do not go as he would like, he becomes irritable.Willpower and perseverance - the main components of his success.Disadvantages: selfishness, vanity, aggression, revenge.

2 - This Way Number in emotional and sympathetic people ready in the first place to solve other people's problems, and only then his.Because of the strong sensitivity of such a person can be touchy, prone to hide their thoughts and feelings.Beside him comfortable, but he needs the protection and care.He takes life as it is, the decisions often rely on intuition.Disadvantages: dependence on the feelings of others, the uncertainty of life position, suspiciousness.

3 - person with this including ways simply lives and enjoys life.People are drawn to him because he seemed to be absolutely no problem!He enjoys working, socializing with friends, love ... People appreciate his company.His optimistic and generous nature inspire others, help to overcome setbacks.And he forgives the faults of others.Disadvantages: lack of tact, lightheadedness.

4 - This Way Number in organized and practical people who like to order, tend to always monitor the situation.Such a person is just and honorable, rigidly adheres to its own ideals.Often it achieves its goals and material well-being.Disadvantages: iz¬lishne conservative, prone to depression and anxiety, sometimes stubborn, jealous.

5 - From a person with this number if the Path comes natural magnetism, he is full of sensuality, grace, and adventure!Life for him - an exciting game, the rules of which it sets itself.He is interested in everything, it is addicting nature, however, can achieve any goal set before him.Smart, energetic, talented, he is popular with the opposite sex.Disadvantages: often guided pulses, changing solutions, restless.

6 - People with the number of lives Path manages the love, compassion and honor.Caring for others - that's what makes them tick!It is responsible, trustworthy, selfless people who are guided in their decisions only logic, and always gets the job done.Disadvantages: they tend to sacrifice a personal life and for the good of other people's interests, do not know how to say "no", are too sensitive and touchy.

7 - If your chosen number is the Way, he has a wonderful mind, prone to introspection.He likes solitude, sometimes withdraws into himself, has a rich imagination.The life of this man - the acquisition of wisdom.He is responsible, disciplined, has a potential for growth and life success.Disadvantages: sometimes sullen, secretive, irritable.It is difficult to establish a close relationship with the people, especially in marriage.

8 - This Way Number of independent, creative people.They are able to inspire people, are able to achieve goals, and usually very successful in life.The man with the number 8 Ways constantly learning to maintain balance their moral and material interests.It can equally well be treated as money and power, and with more delicate matters.Disadvantages: prone to selfishness, rude, often sliding to manipulate others, intolerant.

9 - person with that number Path has developed a sense of harmony, beauty, humanism and spirituality.His way - caring about humanity, self-sacrifice.He aims to knowledge, interested in everything that happens in the world.He has good taste, he is always attractive to the opposite sex.He is patient with the shortcomings of others, forgiving, generous.Disadvantages: often sees the world through the prism of their own fantasies, it has no clear purpose.

And now you just have to compare the resulting quality of your vote with what you see ideal life partner.