Women's handbags and their contents

Why do we women do not leave a purse, even in case of a short hike to the toilet?Many men wonder: "Why are you dragging her something?" I explain - in a handbag in any woman is what it takes to survive, even with a direct hit of a nuclear bomb.Or in the case of teleportation to a desert island.

However, the idea of ​​women's most obscure island, pineapples - Bananas there rained from the sky, so the list of items contained in a handbag, begins with a nail file.I repeat, I am giving away SCARY Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her - we are sometimes ashamed of themselves for what is contained in our handbags.And in vain - we must be ashamed of the fact that in the soul.Bag - just a reflection, so to speak, a manifestation of the subconscious.

by contents handbags women can talk about it all - its past, present and future: whether she is married, whether happily married, getting married there, and when it happens.Yes there by purse - purse women can organize divination, truer than the hand.

very contents of the bag or purse - it does not matter, what matters is the little things.Consider a few bags as an example and try to classify and understand the existing problems of their mistresses, based on the key details:

Bag № 1. bulky, capacious.Inside (in addition to the mandatory and meaningless things) diapers (used, a week ago), children's tights, T-shirt, Gym shoes, teaspoon of dried residues of cheese ...

early enough, right?At hostess bags we can find out what the two children and the youngest - and a half years.The woman apparently stayed in "Mamsko period" and outlasted home.It's time to go to work immediately, or soon it will begin to tear at children anger from professional unrealized.

Bag № 2. Cheap, although the owner of an expensive mink coat.As a filler: a plane ticket to Moscow three months ago, counter for travel in the subway in Moscow, purse - banknotes in it do not fit in the bag and lie everywhere.

In fact, a woman is married, mother of two girls, but in her bag no hint of it, except a broken baby hairpin, the lining of the rubble.Not too much time giving the hostess bags work?It seems that this woman is so absorbed in a career that eventually becomes like a rocket with a separable stages, among them - her husband, children, life.Do not lose it in the end herself between conferences, business trips and business meetings?

Bag № 3. expensive thing.Inside - a set of luxury cosmetics, big purse, nail polish magazine "Cosmopolitan".All clear?

For whom you live, dear owner of the farm?It is your whole life is a glossy glamorous picture as your bag?What you put in your handbag in ten years?The next lipstick?

is also very important is to compare what he thinks about the contents of her purse owner herself, and that he sees a "fresh eye" outsider.This helps to remove the blinders from the eyes ... or the rose-colored glasses - as anyone.For example, reading a list of the contents of her purse (№ 4), the owner - a housewife and mother of two children, has made disappointing conclusions for themselves: "I do not like her youngest child, because my bag not at all things pointing to it, only the direction ofblood analysis.My husband generally does not present in my bag, and, therefore, he does not love me, and is not present in my life, because a lot of work. "

However, the contents of her handbag psychologist reached conclusions directly opposite.The owner of the bag number 4 has kindly provided a list of content that has been an example as a clear as possible.So The bag was: purse, obviously expensive, bright red color, made of crocodile skin.Zipper is broken, causing the entire contents strives to fall out to the outside.

contents of the purse: one and a half thousand, eight dollars, five euros and twenty Baht, flash card and battery from the camera, checks from the grocery store, the supermarket, the bookstore, aimed at analyzing the girls, three years, driving license,car documents, keys, bank cards, discount cards to children's shops, a subscription to the pool.

The secret purse compartment - needle, thread, a power of attorney to driving, picture the boy.

very shabby bag, bulk.Inside are a mess: a cell phone - an old, previously belonged to a child, according to the sticker on it, the book "The Shining" S. King, "Lunch with Cheburashka" Dontsov, camera and instructions to him, three pens and a shared notebook,brochure "Rules of the road", a woolen glove, two keychain, pechenyushki, a lot of references, medical certificate and directions for tests for a boy, 8 years old, a box of tampons "Ola".In a secret pocket bag was a passport, lighter, stationery knife, mirror, lip gloss, icon.

What about the owner, looking at a set of objects, except for the words "baraholschitsa" and "an idle"?

bezdelnitsy - because none of the available purse does not hint at a social accessory for any profession.Based on a set of documents, a woman has children, and is very active, with this lesson a lot of time and effort.If we compare the number of - interest is clearly biased towards older children.It is noted, and the owner herself.According to psychologists: the younger the child is healthier.Do not look for problems from scratch.If the amount of love for children was measured by the number of directions for tests ...

Regarding the second O women - lack of men in her life - the psychologist brought convincing arguments.In this embodiment, it is logical to assume the presence of a man in a woman's life, if it does not work and is not constrained in the media.Has guarded itself mistress bags observation - no photo, Souvenir sweet, reminiscent of the beloved says that maybe the lady is not sentimental, and the money in your wallet or on the account - the best reminder of the beloved than his photo in the wallet.

Conduct suggests a parallel (in the same place in the heart of a bag) is not entitled to a psychologist - not all unique.If you pay attention to three things in the bag: the camera, the battery from the camera and the flash drive, a psychologist concluded that man, just tends to take place in a woman's life.And doing it the only way they know - by means of gifts.Not very well imagine that an idle reading horror and detective stories and staggering on supermarkets, earned on the car, the camera and the camera?

third conclusion made by a psychologist: a woman has a problem with money.This unfortunate fact indicates purse with ever wide open mouth, ready to absorb the money as an infinite, and leave them with the same greed and speed.Cheques are also not so easy, why a woman keeps them in your wallet?Only if the evening could not remember where to spend money.Only if the bill throws right and left, and in the evening with astonishment looks in purse, wondering again where the spent amount issued for a week.

«You still okay - comforted psychologist owner handbags № 4. - Just do not start the problem.It is necessary to know the nuts and weaken their time to tighten up.And it will be all happy. "

What's in your purse?