As she sits ?

Have you ever wondered how you sit?Of course, if you take pictures, you probably try to take a beautiful pose, peeped in the fashion magazine, but just in everyday life - at work, at home, on the street or at a party you control yourself?

Did you know that in the manner of a woman sitting can learn a lot about her character?Anyway, psychologists give a description of some of the most occurring way.

Let's observe.If your friend has got used to sit, legs crossed, the psychologists say that she is very confident and knows exactly what she wants from life.And if your favorite female posture - not just a "foot to foot", but also clasped his feet, it shows restraint and even undecided woman.But at the same time, due to the attractiveness and great tact she manages to make her appreciated and loved by others.

If a woman likes to sit by connecting the feet, slightly pulling them forward and building on the whole foot, psychologists say that it is - a sincere and honest man, though somewhat straightforward.Ho

wever, it is its quality as well as the innate desire for perfect order, not annoying others.

ladies who sit lifting toes and resting on his heels, as a rule, reserved, closed, and often there are ... in defense.They can not bear even the slightest reproach or criticism, and fear cause a disproportionate reaction, surrounding often avoid discussing sensitive issues with them.

sit manner, connecting toes and heels apart, he suggests indecision, isolation and even some over-scrupulous.Circle of communication such women are usually limited to only close friends.They believe that is good enough to understand people, though their abilities are often overrated.

If your girlfriend usually sits, legs stretched forward and cross them - it certainly domineering, jealous nature, and she wants to always and everywhere be the first to dominate the others.But at the same it can be very vulnerable and insecure in the shower, and even afraid of any possible changes, especially in his personal life.

So if you want to hide your peculiar traits, keep an eye on how you are sitting!