Cheating or not ?

happens and cheating.Something concealed, something nedogovorit something turned in a different light ... is unpleasant to learn that you had been deceived - who argues, but if you want to know the truth in all resolutely cases, refer to the recommendations of psychologists and watch your favorite ...

Experts say that the control over words is much easier to manage and more often than control facial expressions and gestures.But they and give just what the man is trying to hide from you.What is it about?

If it is something trying to tell you, bites his lips, then, according to psychologists, this indicates non-words business, that is, your favorite did not believe too much in what he says, and therefore weighs every word, afraidto say too much.

Here's a man you started something to tell, and he is looking into the corner.Psychologists say that if the eyes look upward, to the right corner, then he is on the go comes up with the answer.If he squints into the left corner - it remembers that it was in rea

lity.And, if possible explanation coined in advance, he will remember the workpiece.Such lies can be easily opened, to reveal, to be surprised if, for example, ask the simple qualifying question to halt, according to circumstances, not focusing on the content of deception.

If your favorite became overly fussy, makes a lot of unnecessary movements, rather than sit quietly, walks around the room, trying to occupy myself with some chores, so he can not relax.His anxiety issue and fidgeting movements of the hands, for example, a man always pulls bracelet watch, stroking his knee, rearranges the things on the table, etc. The reason for this may be just your conversation, in which he feels very uncomfortable, but because it constantly interrupts or seeks to transfer to another plane, so as not to give himself away, not to be caught in deception.

What else gives insincerity in the conversation and the desire to deceive or hide some unpleasant facts?Have you noticed that in a conversation with your man blushed cheekbones?So what happens when the excitement when the pressure rises, blood rushes to the face and the cheeks appear flushed.But cheating is not easy, it is clear that a person is worried.

may issue a liar and ragged breathing.Cheating, people in some degree under stress, because it is on the move to come up with something plausible.If breathing quickened, it is a sure sign that "jumps" the pulse.The desire to loosen his tie during a call, too, speaks of the lack of air.

Often those who try to cheat, it is replete with interjections and adjectives.All of these "well", "is", "how to say", "th-th-th" shows that a person is playing for time in search of a convincing explanation.The same is said and complexity of the proposals.If verbs are reduced to a minimum, and are mainly used adjectives, so the source does not remember what happened yesterday, and composes "a legend."

decide what you should do if you find signs of fraud.Try to find out at any cost, to catch inaccuracies on to find out the truth, or to pretend that you believe the whole, it depends on you.Just think how long you can endure, if you observe how the resort to ploys in endeavors to deceive you loved one.