He drank too much ?

Holidays, friendly companies, parties ... And, most of all, never do without alcohol.Even if your man is comfortable with Alcohol and knows his normal, and happens so suddenly that he did not calculate and drank too much.

The fact that a drunken man is better not to blame, not blame, do not meddle, we have all heard many times.Wait, that's the next morning, he wakes up, and you have time to tell him what you think about it.In the meantime, watch out for him.Not casually say, "that a sober mind - a drunk on language."If you are careful and do the right conclusions from the behavior of their loved one, "by degrees", it will help you strengthen your relationship and possibly eliminate the moments of misunderstanding between you.

So tipsy your man begins to coo like doves, although in its usual state of his kind word is not questioned, and indeed, he was taciturn by nature, he does not say anything.And then suddenly I complain of any problems, the authorities ...

What does this mean?Most likely, your ma

n is tired of being strong, and he often wants and complain, and complain about the circumstances, but rooted in his character the notion that "real men are silent about the problems of" does not allow him to relax, perhaps like this, drinking ...

If you want your favorite was gentle and trusting, not only after the libations, be patient and learn how to provoke him to caress and tenderness.If he is tired or annoyed, not to inflame the conflict, but on the contrary, be patient.Do not be stingy to take care of a loved one, do not feel sorry for kind words and show that you believe in him, in that he is the strongest, smartest and most favorite person in the world.

He will appreciate your attitude, and eventually will feel freer, able to relax and be more frank, and there already and to tender words close!

happens so that, after drinking, the man becomes aggressive, suspicious, he can even pick a quarrel, insult you, even sober he himself never is.Psychologists say that such behavior is typical of extremely insecure men experiencing an inferiority complex.

This behavior is characteristic for men experiencing the fear of women since childhood, for example, because of the domineering mother, overwhelming him, or teacher, and so on. After drinking a man trying to fight with their complexes, wanting to "defeat the enemy", that is,you because it is you, a woman, which is nearby.

Not to mention the fact that a man who had been drinking at all often unattractive spectacle, if he is also more aggressive and then may come a time when it is simply dangerous.What should you do if cases of repeated aggression started, you decide.But if your man finds his behavior normal and does not want to draw conclusions, think about what all this could lead, in fact, as you will not convince yourself, it is unlikely that attitude you can be called love and respect.And, most importantly, that you and your family lies ahead?

Many women say that after drinking, the man becomes more temperamental, more relaxed and more initiative in intimate relationships.Psychologists attribute this to the fact that many men are afraid to lose control during sex.If he is shy by nature or is afraid to push you over-activity in his opinion, he is no doping in the form of alcohol is difficult to be liberated and to demonstrate their desire.

If you want to save is his behavior without additional heating of alcohol, do not be afraid to take the initiative in moments of intimacy, encourage the activity of his men, and be careful, because one of your tactless remark or a careless word can cause mental injury to the partner.But if you see that your initiative is not understanding it, then it is a serious reason to think about it, do not you hurry with the choice of a life partner.